Napa Winery Review: Jarvis Estate

It seems like ages ago since we went on our incredible trip to Napa. I took my wine tasting VERY seriously when I was there, which basically means I let my brother (THE wine expert) tell me where we should go. 

He recommended Jarvis Estate because of the unique wine tasting experience they offer. Their wine tasting actually takes place inside of a cave!

It's not every day you find yourself wine tasting in a cave! While the tour is certainly not cheap, it is well worth it in my opinion. It requires reservations, which can be made here. The tour starts by showing you the wine making process and giving you some time to explore the cave. Then it is time to get serious and they invite you into a beautiful room for your tasting. 

Besides the unique experience of the cave tasting, their wines are BEYOND incredible. I know very little about wine, but I always know what I like and their wines were very, very good. 

Of course their speciality is Cabernet Sauvignon, but I also enjoyed trying their Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. This wine tasting was also a real educational experience and an opportunity for us to really learn more about the process. 

To me, Jarvis is a can't miss stop when in Napa Valley! What are some of your favorite wineries in Napa?