Learning to Ski as an Adult

When I married my snowboard-loving husband, I knew that it meant I would probably need to learn how to ski. I had tried skiing once as a kid, but never really excelled in the sport and my parents never took us on a trip after that first time. Once I decided I was going to learn how to ski, I was a little bit worried about learning as an adult. That being said, there were a few tips that helped me get started: 

1. Take a lesson- This can not be stressed enough! It is expensive to take a lesson, but it is the fastest way to learn how to ski in just one day. If you don't want to shell out the money for a private lesson, participating in ski school will get you started just as quickly. Within one day, you should be able to confidently ski down some of the easiest runs. 

2. Convince your travel buddy to ski with you for half of a day- Even though my husband is a much, much better snow boarder than I am skiier, convincing him to ski with me for a half a day was a really great way for me to build up my confidence. Even with the skills I learned in my lesson, it was nice to have company for half of a day. 

3. Ski a little by yourself- After my lesson and some ski time with my husband, I found it beneficial to try a few runs by myself. I felt much less pressure when skiing by myself, plus I was able to try a few new techniques without feeling silly. 

4. Make sure you have the right clothes- For me this was a huge part of enjoying skiing as an adult. I get cold very, very easily, so having warm clothing that fit well made it all more enjoyable for me. After my first year of skiing, I invested in my own pair of ski boots, which increased my comfort level a lot. Rented ski boots are extremely uncomfortable and I felt a decent amount of pain my first year skiing. With my own boots I am much happier and warmer. 

Follow these tips and you'll be all set to being an expert (or just above beginner in my case :)) adult skier!