Lake Austin Spa Review

It's funny how when you live somewhere you often don't explore the area as much as you do when you visit somewhere on vacation! We always try to explore Austin, but I rarely find myself trying out any of the local hotels or spas! I decided to change that and visit the Lake Austin Spa for a half day of treatments! 

The grounds at the Lake Austin Spa are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we started our day off by walking around a little bit to see it all. 

Our first stop of the day was for a massage! I, of course, went for my old faithful the Deep Tissue Massage. It was one of my favorite massages I had experienced in a long time and I felt like the therapist was really great at her job. She also gave me some stretching tips to round out my time with her. 

After our massage, we headed to the Aster cafe for lunch. I thought lunch was pretty delicious and there were plenty of healthy food options. I was with a friend and we were able to sit outside and it was a beautiful day out.

Our second treatment of the day was a facial and I found this only to be an OK treatment. I never really love spa facials and this one didn't really wow me. 

After our facial, we headed to the pool and spent about an hour relaxing! Sadly I didn't grab any pictures from the pool because there were a lot of people laying out :)

One thing that bothered me about the experience was that if you get a treatment under $300 on the weekends you have to pay a facility fee of $25 on Friday or Saturday in order to use the pool. Personally I think if you spend $170 on a massage that you should be able to use the pool regardless. We didn't have this problem since we had two treatments, but pretty ridiculous if you ask me. 

After our pool time we hit up the steam room! I must say that the facilities at the Lake Austin Spa were really beautiful. I really enjoyed my stay there and would go back if only for the quality of the massage!

Have you ever been to the Lake Austin Spa? What did you think of it?