Infant Packing List: Baby's First Flight

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We just survived our baby's first flight at three months old and I am SO relieved. As an avid traveler I always dreamed of taking my baby on trips, but as the day got closer to our first flight I started to get nervous. I am the kind of girl who only packs a carry on, flies through TSA pre-check and enjoys a pre-flight beverage in the airport. It was a pretty big transition to become the girl who checks a bag, gate checks a stroller, carries an infant through security and nurses in the airport. 


I'll be sharing more tips from the flight and trip later, but I wanted to share my packing list below. We were only gone for one weekend, but it required a LOT of items for such a little baby. 

Baby's First Flight: Infant Packing List

On board the plane we brought a diaper bag and my pump bag (since I was carrying milk and would need my pump while traveling). I highly recommend a diaper backpack for traveling. It is so much easier to not have to carry a tote style diaper bag when walking through the airport. I love this diaper backpack style or one like this

In the diaper bag and carry on we packed: 

Diapers  x 10


Outfit x 2

Burp Cloth and bibs x 2

Extra milk 

Two bottles

Pump + pump pieces

Pump Bra

Pump cooler

Car seat cover- We didn't end up needing this, but I wanted to have one in case people started getting too close to the baby while traveling. 

Ziplock bags and Wash It Later bag- I am obsessed with these wash it later bags. They are a bag you put dirty baby clothes into, fill with a cup of water, seal it and the bag releases soap to start pre-soaking the dirty clothes. Amazing solution for diaper blow-outs while traveling. 

Small rattle or toy to play with

Baby blanket- Just in case it was cold on the plane, which it wasn't but important to have. 

Pacifier and Clips- Our baby doesn't take a pacifier well, but if your baby has ear trouble on the flight, sucking on a pacifier helps relieve the pressure. I highly recommend buying a pacifier clip for your baby while flying. That way your pacifier will not fall on the airplane/airport floor. I love these Cutie Clips from Ryan and Rose

Carrier- Our baby loves to be held in a carrier so we brought it with us. He ended up being fine without it, but I know many babies love to be in the carrier through the airport and on the plane.

Our baby only lasted about 5 minutes in the carrier before I let him out and he snoozed in my lap. 

Our baby only lasted about 5 minutes in the carrier before I let him out and he snoozed in my lap. 

In our packed bag we had :

Burp clothes x 5

Bibs x 5

Swaddles – Our baby sleeps in a Zipadee-Zip, but whatever you need for good sleep! 

Outfits x 6


Bottles x 3

Dish Soap- I like to carry my own dish soap for washing bottles, pump pieces and pacifiers. 

Here are items I either sent ahead or my parents already had at their house: 

Diapers- I decided to send diapers and wipes ahead because they weighh a lot and take up a lot of room. We were on a short trip, so I just sent one package of each ahead to my parent's house. 


Sound machine- My parent's already had a sound machine, but there are great travel-sized sound machines you could easily pack. 

Bottle brush- I packed our own bottle brush when we did a road trip, but it got grimey and gross after being in a plastic bag while traveling. I decided to send one ahead this time. 

Monitor- My parent's have a video monitor at their house, but I may not have needed it if staying in a hotel. 

Pack and play- My parent's have a crib in their house, but if we had needed a pack and play I probably would have rented one there versus checking one. Definitely a must have for road trips though. 

Here are a list of things I decided not to bring:

Anything related to bath time- I did give the baby a bath when we were in Atlanta (because ew plane germs), but I didn't bring anything for bath time specifically. I just got into the bath with him, washed him using plain soap and dried him in an adult towel. Packing his bath, soaps and towels would have taken up too much space.

Tons of toys or books- I brought only one rattle with me to entertain him on the plane. I left books and his other toys at home. He is only three months old and only mildly plays with toys so I wanted to save some space. 

I should also mention that we gate checked our stroller and car seat. 

Snoozing away on the plane!

Snoozing away on the plane!

That's it! Even with all of the packing and extra stuff to carry, it was so fun to take our infant on his first flight! Stay tuned for more info on how he did on the plane.