How To Find The Best Hawker Centre Food in Singapore

When we visited Singapore last month I knew I wanted to visited a Hawker Centre to try the local Chinese food. A Hawker Centre in Singapore is similar to a food court, but some have up to 200+ stalls making it super challenging to pick out the best dishes. I was also a little concerned about cleanliness, because there were so many stalls and I wasn't positive which ones had good ratings.

Since we had a limited amount of time to explore the Hawker Centres, I decided to look a food tour with Urban Adventures.  The tour was $61 a person, but included with the tour is an english speaking guide and A LOT of food. The individual dishes are only about $2-3 a piece in the Hawker Centre, but you definitely get more than your fair share of food with your ticket. We met our guide Rene at the metro station (super easy to get to) and there was only one other person besides my husband and I on the tour. 

I figured since there were only three of us on the tour that we may not try every food, but I was totally wrong! We began our tour in the Chinatown Complex that has 220 food stalls. 


The first thing our guide bought for us was a delicious drink of pressed sugar cane juice. I was really thirsty already and it was so delicious (and of course sweet). 


While enjoying our drink, Rene brought over our first batch of food!

This batch of food included the famous Singaporian chicken rice, which was SO good. According to our guide they cook the chicken by dipping it into boiling water over and over again until it is perfectly cooked. Not sure if that is true or not, but it was sooo good! 

We also tried poh piah, which was one of my favorite dishes aka a spring roll. We also tried a really interesting water rice cake called a chwee kueh. It was one of my other favorite dishes.

Just when you think maybe you have already tried enough amazing food...out came oysters and omlettes. 

And then noodles...

The food was insane, but it didn't end there. We took a little break there to learn more about Singapore's history and culture. From there we headed to our second Hawker Centre and did what any normal food-lover would do...we ate more! 

This stop included roti pata, more noodles and even more delicious Singaporian dishes. At this point, I was literally stuffed to the brim, but we made room to try one last unique dish...Durian!

If you aren't familiar with Durian it is a very, very smelly fruit that is popular in South East Asia. You can't travel with it because it smells so bad, but we HAD to taste it. I didn't love the taste or texture, but was really happy to have tried it.

Overall, this is one of the best food tours I have ever been on. Our guide was super knowledgable, helped us find and try the best foods and kept us healthy by making sure we ate from good food stalls. Overall, I highly recommend checking out the Hawker Centres in Singapore using Urban Adventures.