Hotel Review: Four Seasons Chiang Mai

I'm always amazed at how some hotels truly use their hotel to transform your experience into something you have never experienced before! This was 100% true about my stay at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai in Thailand. This has to be one of my favorite hotels I have ever stayed in and it didn't disappoint on any level. 



I want to start by sharing a little about the resort. It is somewhat secluded and not in the city-center of Chiang Mai. This isn't a huge deal but we aware that if you want to eat dinner outside of the resort and for any activities you will need to organize transportation (the hotel is, obviously, happy to do that for you). We went out to eat one night at David's Kitchen and it was no big deal to head out there. 

The most important thing to note about staying here is that you need to leave a day open to enjoy the resort! This is hard because there is a lot to do in Chiang Mai (tons of cooking schools, elephant sanctuary, Doi Inthanon, night markets, etc), but it would be a shame to spend so much money on a luxury hotel and not fully enjoy it one day. 

The resort is absolutely gorgeous and looks over beautiful rice paddies on the property. The pool has a spectacular view of the rice paddies and the entire property. You will definitely want to spend a little time relaxing by the pool and enjoying the scenery. There were tons of daily activities offered, but we were definitely more interested in lounging than participating. There were a few fun ones like buffalo bathing (exactly what it sounds like, you can watch and help bath a buffalo) and a morning monk offering (very nice to experience). If you are into fitness there were a lot of fitness classes available too. 


My favorite thing about the resort is just how beautiful the outdoor spaces were. You could always find fresh flowers, candles, torches, floating flowers everywhere you went. So, so gorgeous. 


We ate breakfast each morning in the main buffet area and enjoyed it...a lot! Breakfast was included as a part of our room rate (I believe if you book through a Virtuoso agent this is one of the benefits you get through them- I can't remember what breakfast costs without it). They had a ton of freshly squeezed juices available each morning along with great coffee drinks (I drink a cappuccino daily on vacation!). Breakfast had a ton of variety and we usually ate so much at breakfast that we didn't each again until dinner. My husband's favorite thing about breakfast was the noodle station (think like an American omelette station, but with Thai noodle dishes). Keep in mind that breakfast can be a little bit crowded and chaotic, but the service was fast and there was plenty of food. 

We did not eat dinner at the resort, but the restaurant options did look fantastic at the hotel! 


We upgraded our room from a regular view to a rice paddy view. It is absolutely gorgeous to look out onto the rice paddies each morning. The room has a beautiful outdoor space with a swinging bench and dining table. You could definitely have drinks right outside your door and enjoy the view (or have room service breakfast there each morning).


Rooms are big (they are all villa style so feel pretty private) with a gorgeous shower and bathtub. The room had everything you would expect. 


The service was incredible at the hotel and VERY personalized. I felt like we saw a lot of the same staff over and over again and they started to get a sense of what we liked and were interested in. I'm sure this only gets better if you stay longer. 


Even though you can get cheap massages pretty much anywhere in Thailand, we decided to splurge and get a Thai massage at the Four Seasons. The spa is very gorgeous with (more) fresh flowers everywhere. 


We indulged in tea and got ready for our Thai massages. I highly recommend asking for softer pressure if you aren't sure what pressure level you like. My massage was absolutely perfect, but a Thai massage can be a little rough if you aren't used to it!

Overall the spa was totally worth the experience and you can't leave Thailand without getting a real Thai massage.

Did the TripAdvisor reviews mid-lead me? Nope! I found that the TripAdvisor reviews for this hotel were pretty spot on! This is a great hotel, highly recommend!