Hot Air Balloon Ride in Napa

I am a little bit scared of flying, but when my sister in law asked if I wanted to do a hot air balloon ride when in Napa, I decided to jump in and say yes! And I was SO happy that I did. 

I did a lot of research before picking a company (I wanted to be super safe) and settled on highly-rated Napa Valley Balloons. It was very easy to book online and they provided very easy instructions for where to meet on the day of. 

We arrived earllyyy in the AM and enjoyed a few pastries and coffee before take off. After our safety briefing, we hopped in a van and took the quick 5 minute drive over to the balloons. When we arrived over there, it was a little bit windy and they weren't sure we would be able to fly. I, obviously concerned with safety, would NOT have been mad if they canceled the ride at this point. Luckily as the sun came up we were cleared to fly. They loaded us into the balloon and off we went. 

It's absolutely impossible to describe how relaxing and amazing the ride was. We slowly drifted up in the air and our driver Ken gave us a ton of different views by raising and lowering the balloon and turning it around so we could see from all views. 

The vineyards below were amazing and the ride was so, so smooth! 

After a beautiful hour long ride, we smoothly landed and were safely back on the ground. Afterward, we enjoyed a lovely champagne brunch. This was SUCH a fun experience and one I would definitely do again!