Give Me The Globe: 2015 in Review

I'm always amazing when I look back on any given year and see how many places I ended up visiting! As a small business owner I am always strapped for time and it's always been hard for me to prioritize my love for travel. I started this blog as a reminder of why it is so important to make time to travel NOW, no matter how busy you are. There are no promised days ahead and I believe now, more than ever, in prioritizing what is important to you. For me that is, and always has been travel. Without further ado, here is my 2015 in review!

January: I ended 2014 with a bang when my entire family took an incredible trip to Amelia Island Florida! We got home on the 30th of December and my husband had knee surgery immediately following. 

I figured we wouldn't travel much in January due to his knee, but luckily a quick recovery meant that he accompanied me on my yearly trip to Boulder. 

It snowed a ton while we were there and while we didn't get to ski last year, we will definitely be back on the slopes this year! 

February: February is usually my least favorite month to travel (it's chilly almost everywhere and it's a busy time of the year for work!), but this year I headed to Chicago for my friend Ashley's wedding. 

It wasn't exactly warm when we landed...

But we managed to make the most of our time there! 

March: By the time March rolled around I was so sick of the cold weather :). I visited my Dad in Long Boat Key Florida and worked for a few days with this amazing view. 

The weather was simply beautiful and I loved being by the ocean. Plus we got to see this every night!

April: April brought one of my favorite trips this year! We went to Corona Del Mar to visit our travel buddies Barry and Tressie. 

We had an amazing time enjoying the ocean, eating a TON and exploring the surrounding areas. One of my favorite excuses to travel is to visit friends! 

May: I didn't go anywhere in May :) I stayed in my home sweet home, but that didn't stop me from exploring. We visited the Texas Hill Country and checked out some of their vineyards. 

June: In June we headed to Punta Cana for a family trip that included my parents, brother, SIL and nephews! We spent a ton of time playing at the beach and in the pool and just enjoying being together! 

July: The summer is my busiest time of year for work and it often means I don't get to travel. I made a small exception for a road trip to Port Aransas! 

While the beach is only so/so, we had a great time being with friends and enjoying a weekend off from working. 

August: August was another month of no travel! It's crazy to look back and realize that I took a trip every month except two in 2015, yikes! We did take a quick day trip to Enchanted Rock and pretended like we were on vacation for a day. 

September: My husband's firm takes a weekend trip each Summer and in September we headed to a beautiful resort in Park City.  The weather was perfect for hiking, shopping, visiting art galleries and enjoying the outdoors. 

October: In October we took one of my favorite trips this year to Napa with my brother and SIL. We had the best time drinking wine, eating food and taking a hot air ballon ride

November: In November we took our yearly bucket list trip to Peru and Galapagos! 

This trip was unlike any other and the most adventurous experience I have ever been on!

December: We finished off the year with one last relaxing vacation in Costa Rica at the Andaz Papagayo

It was Pura Vida and definitely a great way to end the year. 

Here is to more travel and adventure in 2016! Owning a small business isn't easy and it takes a lot of work to balance it all, but I never regret the days I spend traveling. Cheers to 2016!