Getting a Workout In While You Travel: 3 Tips for Working Out On The Go

Traveling can definitely do a number on your healthy lifestyle. When I'm home, I eat all three meals at home and workout 3-4 times a week. When I'm traveling, I eat all of my meals on the go and workout pretty much never. While I'm not going to give up the delicious meals I so enjoy when I am on the road, I have been trying to add in 1-2 workouts a week while I am traveling. It has definitely been challenging, but I've found a few tips that make working out on the go a little easier. 

1. Find 3 Go To YouTube Workouts- If you have wifi and a hotel room, you have the tools you need to workout! Usually I do a lot of walking while traveling, so I try to find three workout videos that are my "go tos" that focus on Arms, Abs and HIIT. HIIT workouts typically include a lot of fast movements that get your heart rate up (which walking typically does not) and arms and abs are often not worked out while traveling. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite HIIT workouts on YouTube. 

For abs I love these ten pilates moves for getting your core strong while traveling.

Arms can always be challenging if you don't have weights, but this is a great arm workout if you don't have any equipment. 

2. Hit up the hotel gym- If the hotel has a nice gym, I try to hit it up at least one time during my stay. My favorite workout to do in a hotel gym is a quick treadmill interval workout. This is one of the best interval workouts I have found and I usually just save the image to my phone to have on the treadmill with me. I also do a quick arm workout with free weights in the gym. 

3. Take a class or two at a local gym- I love taking classes when I am home, which is why it is so hard to workout for me while on vacation. On my last trip to Miami I decided to try a class that was walking distance to my hotel and it was SO much fun. The vibe was similar to my studios, but I got some great local tips from the teacher in addition to a great workout. Many studios offer the first class free, so make sure to check for deals when looking at local studios. 

Do you love working out while you travel? What are some of your best tips for working out on the go? 




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