Fly Fishing in Whitefish Montana

We were so lucky to be visiting Whitefish Montana for a wedding this summer! We came in a little bit early to give ourselves some time to enjoy the beautiful area (such as the Going-to-the-Sun Road). My family has always been really into fishing, but it had been a few years since I went fly fishing. I knew I wanted to try it out, so I called Lakestream located in downtown Whitefish. We drove about 20 minutes to to the Flathead River and headed out on the boat. 

It was a beyond gorgeous day with a lot of sun and beautiful scenery. The captain had a lot of water for us (and we needed it), because the weather was so warm. After a quick refresher lesson, I was in the water and working on my cast. It wasn't long before I caught a cut throat trout!

Sadly, after I caught my first fish the wind picked up a lot and was blowing hard the entire trip. There was debris floating all over the river, which made it a lot less enticing for the fish to grab our flys. Luckily it was still a beautiful day and the ride down the river was spectacular. I definitely recommend trying out fly fishing during your next adventurous vacation!