Ecuador Intinan Museum: I'm in the middle of the world!

One of my favorite stops in Ecuador was the Intitan Museum, which can be found in the literal middle of the world at 0 latitude! 

The reason the museum is so cool is because they show you a handful of experiments that prove you are in the middle of the world. My personal favorite was balancing an egg on a nail. 

It wasn't as easy as it looked and only two of the four members in my group were able to become egg balancing champions. 

They also show you how water spins on each side of the equator, how hard it is to walk a straight line on the equator and more. For the $4 per adult they charge for entrance, I found this little stop to be really fun and interesting. 

They will also stamp your passport to show that you were in the middle of the world! This stamp was the perfect addition to our passport stamp from the top of the world, Machu Picchu. 

I often find that touristy places are some of the most fun places to visit when in another country. Of course, I always value real cultural experience, but sometimes things like this are popular because they are fun! I definitely recommend visiting the Intinan Museum next time you find yourself near Quito Ecuador.