Eating My Way Through Ponce City Market in Atlanta

On my last trip to Atlanta my sister-in-law recommended we all head over to Ponce City Market! PCM is a food hall in Atlanta that has a handful of cute shops and a lot of great, great food stalls. I especially wanted to head over because my next-door-neighbor from Atlanta owns Farm to Ladle, a sandwich, soup and salad stall in PCM. 

I take my eating pretty seriously and since we were a fairly large group we were able to try a lot of different items. Here is what we tried:

1. The Holeman and Finch Burger- This is a double cheeseburger with house made pickles on a freshly baked bun...yum! 

I did find it a little bit funny that they serve the burger with Kraft American Cheese, but it was delicious none the less. 

2. Hop's Chicken- We stopped here mostly because my nephew wanted mac and cheese, but it was so, so good! We also ate hot chicken to go along with our side dishes. It was really spicy but I enjoyed it.

3. El Super Pan- This was my favorite place we ate in Ponce City Market! The cuban sandwich was insane and so, so good. Highly, highly recommend. 

4. Biltong Bar- Every since our trip to South Africa, my husband and I have missed biltong. It is a delicious South African beef jerky type snack. Sadly, I thought the Biltong was only so/so and we even tried a few different types.  

5. Simply Seoul- This was a quick stop to grab a pork bun. I would definitely come back to try more of their food. 

7. Farm to Ladle- Lastly we enjoyed what I actually came for...Farm to Ladle! Their tomato basil soup is absolutely one of my favorites. 

Overall it was a great day of eating at Ponce City Market! What should I try next time?