Celebrating Three Years of Social Summer Camp

It's hard to believe that it's been three years since I left my job at Facebook to start my own company, Social Summer Camp. When I first announced I was leaving Facebook a lot of people thought I was crazy. How could you possibly leave a job at one of the best companies in the world? How could you leave all the perks, the impact, the meaning? 

While it hasn't been all roses since the day I started Social Summer Camp. I can say without a doubt that starting my own company has been the most meaningful mission of my life. 

We are changing the game in marketing for summer camps. Because of our efforts more kids than ever before are finding out about a summer experience that provides meaningful 21st century skills that last beyond college and into adulthood. Children these days are missing out on very meaningful and critical skills that only a summer at camp can provide. Our marketing efforts are putting more children in more camps than ever before. 

There have been unexpected moments of joy on this journey. Like hiring my first two employees and realizing that together we've built a team of super-motivated, smart and passionated people. 

Hitting the 40 client mark and realizing that camps are really starting to understand the fundamental shift that is happening in marketing. Speaking at my first conference and seeing the excitement in the audience around social media for summer camps. 

But the most exciting part has been the opportunity to live life on my own terms. To bring an idea into the world and realize that the only thing holding me back from achieving my dreams is myself. 

There have been tragically hard moments too, but they have been just a small part of the immense joy I feel running a company that matters. 

I'm extremely thankful for my first client who took a huge chance on me and let me experiment with his camp's marketing efforts so I could figure out what worked. Without him, I would have no business. If someone approaches you and asks for you to take a chance on them...do it. I promise they won't let you down. 

And to everyone else who makes this business and my world go round, thank you. Here's to lifelong success and to Social Summer Camp!