Booking Flights on Singapore Air With Points

My husband and I are planning a trip to Southeast Asia this year and I am SO excited. Since I own a small business, it is really hard for me to make time to travel internationally. I usually get to do one big trip a year and this is it! I can't wait for some much needed exploration. 

We have been saving our Chase Sapphire Preferred points for some time now and we were able to redeem them for first class tickets on Singapore Air. Here is the breakdown for both my Husband and I (so two tickets). 

Singapore Airlines Houston to Singapore (with a layover in Russia): 187,000 points and $544 in fees and taxes. 

Singapore Airlines Singapore to Houston (with a layover in Russia): 187,000 points and $617 dollars. 

The fees are definitely a little high, but for first class tickets all the way to Singapore it is really amazing! We are extra lucky that we can fly out of Houston too since that is very close to our home in Austin (and we drop off our dog with my in-laws in Houston). 

Usi (1).png

Of course, we won't be flying the A380 on this route, I can't wait to enjoy my lay flight bed on the way to Asia. 

This is one of my favorite point redemptions to date. What are your favorite destinations you have booked on points?