Book Review: Rework

As an entrepreneur and generally busy person, I don't always get the chance to attend as many professional development events or conferences as I would like. To compensate for that, I've been trying to read one business book every month this year. Ive also really been trying to take advantage of time on planes and in cars when I don't have wifi or generally can't be working. This month I read Rework. I downloaded this book on audibles and listened to some that way and read some as well. 

This was one of my favorite business books I have read this year! It is especially great for someone interested in starting their own business or trying something new within their current role. The book is written by the people who created Basecamp, which happens to be a great tool for small business owners. The book was very straight forward and didn't include a lot of the BS you see in many business books. 

The most valuable lesson I learned from the book is that failure is not a right of passage. 

Strangely, I've always felt a little bit guilty that I started my business without having a huge failure of a company first. The narrative of needing to fail before you succeed is prevalent in a lot of business books, but it isn't the way it worked out for me (which I'm extremely thankful for of course, but it was due to a lot of hard work too). 

This book encourages you to make bold moves, start small and get going on your entrepreneurial journey. Definitely a must read for anyone thinking about starting their own business.