Bucket List Travel: Planning Our Next Big Trip

Today I am linking up with the #sundaytraveler linkup! Thanks to Pack Me To! Every September my husband and I plan to take a big two-week trip. It's my least busy time at work, so it is the best time for us to pack up and take off.

Pack Me To

We have already been to a number of awesome places since we got together five years ago.

But the more places you go, the harder it is to pick the next place. Here are a few of my options for next September, help me pick!

1. Hiking Machu Picchu- This was number one on my bucket list, but I am second guessing it right now. It looks like a trip requires over 10 miles of hiking in one day. I think I could do that, but not entirely sure. I could just go to the top via train and be done with it :)

2. Antarctica- I love penguins, icy scenery, etc and this trip would cross off every continent for me. This would have to take place in December though instead of September.

3. Botswana- After the amazing safari we took in September, I am already dying to get back out there. Bostwana would allow us to see what many people say is the best safari in the world.

4. Galapagos Islands- Apparently I love animals now :). This always looks like an amazing trip to me and could be bucketed with a stop in Argentina, Brazil or Chile.

5. Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, etc- I haven't done any of SE Asia yet. I know I want to, but I sort of feel like I may want to wait on this trip one more year. Unless I can be convinced otherwise.

So what do you think? Where should I go next?