Must Visit: Hamilton Island in Australia

When Adam and I visited Australia for our honeymoon a few years ago we KNEW that we wanted at least part of the trip to include relaxation. We are usually more adventurous travelers, but after the stress of planning a wedding we thought it would be wise to just RELAX. A few people recommended we try Beach Club on Hamilton Island, which would allow us to visit the Great Barrier Reef at the same time.

The island is a little strange in that everything seems to be owned by the same group of people and you are very limited by what is available on the island, BUT it is an absolutely magical place to relax and enjoy the ocean.

Highlights include:

- The Beach Club Hotel- Amazing service, ocean views from every room, dinner on the beach, lovely, lovely time.

- Scuba in The Great Barrier Reef- Because obviously.

- The Spa- Because we were already in pure heavenly magic and why stop there.

I would highly recommend Hamilton Island if you are traveling through Australia and looking for a nice, relaxing destination.