How to pick a honeymoon destination

When Adam and I got engaged three years ago, I was most excited to plan our honeymoon (that shouldn't surprise you!). But, all of the wedding planning and constant decision making had me sort of exhausted from making anymore decisions. I used some pretty strict criteria to decide where we should go to limit planning and decision making. Here are the three main things I thought about: 1. You should go far! I knew that this was one of the few times when I could get two full weeks off work without anyone questioning the length of my trip. We also live really close to Mexico and the Caribbean, so I wanted to make sure went somewhere that wasn't just an hour or two plane flight away.

2. Go somewhere that is relatively easy to plan. This was really, really important to me. I was DYING to go to Africa, but I knew that I couldn't organize the trip, meals, packing, shots, etc in the amount of time I had to plan everything. We picked Australia because it was a) english speaking b) required no special visas, packing or shots and c) had a direct flight from Texas.

3. Pick somewhere with a mix of relaxation, culture and adventure. This is really a personal preference, but I didn't want to spend an entire two weeks on the beach. I did want to relax, enjoy city life and also do a few adventurous activities. There are a bunch of great destinations that offer all of these and I highly recommend mixing it up a little.

Based on that criteria I had narrowed it down to Australia and Hawaii. We ended up picking Australia because we had both been to Hawaii. It was absolutely amazing and the perfect honeymoon spot (I'll write more later about our time in Sydney, Hamilton Island and Brisbane).

What are your favorite honeymoon destinations? What criteria did you use to pick a spot?