Finding the Balance when Planning Honeymoon Travel

When we first started planning our honeymoon, I had big plans for what I wanted to do! Obviously I love to travel and explore, but I also wanted to make sure we left plenty of time for resting and relaxation. My best two tips for finding the balance when planning your honeymoon are: Don't over plan, but don't under plan.

Don't Over Plan:

After your wedding, you are going to be TIRED. Add up months of stress, planning and making decisions, with an all night dance party, followed by a long flight across the world. YOU WILL BE TIRED. Don't over plan and wear yourself out. Plan a day for rest when you arrive and an additional time for relaxation. I know there are some people who like to have every second planed and some people who know they just want to sit in a beach chair and never move. I respect both of those people and urge the first type to take a break. On our honeymoon to Australia we spent a few days in Hamilton Island, which was the perfect place for relaxation. We also took the first night we arrived to rest so we wouldn't over do it.

Don't Under Plan: 

I know I just said not to over plan, but you also don't want to UNDER plan. You are, after all, on a trip of a lifetime with your significant other. You should do a few things! For me, I planned a few activities and made a few dinner reservations. I wasn't going to go all the way to Australia and not spend some time in the Great Barrier Reef! It's also important to me that we don't get stuck eating at a diner each night. With a few activities planned and some great dinners on the horizon, we had a bunch of things to look forward to on our honeymoon!

Planning your honeymoon can be tricky, but if you plan just the right amount of time, you are sure to have the perfect trip!