Eight hours in Byron Bay Australia

When Adam and I were in Brisbane, we decided to take a drive down the Gold Coast and spend the day in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is an awesome little surfer's town with some great tourist attractions.

We rented a car in Brisbane and I spent the entire ride fearing for my life as my husband drove on the wrong side of the road. Our first stop was exactly one hour outside of Brisbane in Surfer's Paradise. Surfer's Paradise is known as one of the most beautiful beaches, and hence the name, is very popular for surfers. We parked the car and headed down to the beach for about an hour. We were there in Winter so it wasn't exactly swimming weather, but it was warm and we enjoyed exploring the beach.

After that we were on our way to Byron Bay. About another 45 minutes later we parked the car.

Once we were in Byron Bay we spent the next hour or so exploring the shops. This is very much a surfer's town and there were a lot of cool, local spots to buy things. We also walked out to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, a nice little tourist attraction not far from the city center.

At this point it was about lunchtime so we headed to O-Sushi, a local restaurant with a train of sushi. This place was so awesome and the sushi was very fresh and delicious. I highly recommend eating here if you are in Byron Bay.

After lunch we did what any normal tourist did, we suited up for a surf lesson in Byron Bay.

In case you were wondering, it was very windy and very cold (hence the squinting picture). Our surf instructor looked a lot like Zack Galifianakis and had a very relaxed demeanor. Even with the wind, we were both able to get up multiple times on the surf board. It was a hugely fun experience. Even though I probably won't ever surf again, it was great to say that I surfed in one of the greatest surfing beaches in the world.

After just eight short hours in Byron Bay, we were ready to head back to Brisbane. I thought the drive down the Gold Coast and the stop in Byron Bay were just fantastic. If you find yourself in Byron Bay, kick back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.