Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Even though it isn't everyones cup of tea, sometimes I love to do touristy activities while traveling. Sometimes activities are popular for a reason and that is exactly how I felt about climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge! We signed up for the Bridge Climb Express (which is still over 2 hours long) and accelerates your experience up the bridge. They offer dawn, sunset and nighttime climbs, but we opted for a regular mid-morning climb. Once you arrive they get you all suited up and ready to climb. Keep in mind that you absolutely can not be drunk and they will make you take a breathalyzer test if they suspect you are drunk. We had two individuals kicked off of our tour because they were apparently drunk (it was like 10am, so I just find that impressive). Obviously safety is their number one concern when you are climbing a huge bridge.

They give you an ear piece so you can hear your guide and up the bridge you go! The actual climb is pretty easy, but it is a little bit scary. The views at the top are incredible though!

Even though this is a pricey and touristy activity, I would do it again if I ever found myself in Sydney!