Travel tips for business owners and parents. Meet Blake Sunshine of Give Me The Globe.

Before you ask…

Yes, that’s my real last name😉

I created Give Me The Globe because people seem to love my travel advice. I think it’s because my tips are realistic. My travel friends are a lot like me—they’re down-to-earth people with normal lives who feel slightly turned off by perfect (un-relatable) travel Instagram feeds.

My readers struggle with how to pick destinations and lodging. Sites like Trip Advisor feel overwhelming and impersonal. What’s more? You don’t know if the person writing the review is 17 or 70.

Traveling makes life feel interesting and exciting!

I want you to LOVE traveling from the moment you start planning.

Be sure to sign up for my travel letters (below). This way we’ll stay connected and I’ll send you my very best travel tips.

I’ll share things like:

  • Which hotels are awesome & which get an eye-roll

  • What clothes to take with you

  • What to leave behind (because you won’t use it)

  • Swoonworthy places to eat & linger

  • Un-touristy things you’ll enjoy exploring

  • Unbiased reviews of travel-related gear: books, suitcases, pick-pocket proof purses, cameras & much more!

  • How to travel with little ones (& still come home refreshed)

My travel stories and reviews are fun, detailed, and will lay out the pros and cons of all the decisions that need to be made.

I’ll also share the unexpected hiccups of my adventures because let’s face it, they happen. Some are funny, some are frustrating, but ALL of them will help you feel more inspired and informed so you can truly make the most of your hard-earned vacation time!


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