Friday Travel Favorites

Today I am linking up with a few bloggers, whose blogs I love, but who don't typically write about travel. I love the idea of Friday favorites, so here we go!

I LOVE to travel, but if you don't have the right gear, traveling can be a nightmare. I've spent a lot of time curating some of my favorite gear, which I am going to talk about in my Friday travel favorites.


1. Open front cardigans- My favorite open front cardigan is actually on sale at Nordstrom right now. This 

MOD.lusive by Bobeau cardigan

is the BEST for layering. They are light-weight but warm, which means you can easily take them off or add them on depending on the daily temperature. They come in a bunch of colors and patterns, which means you look cute each day and each cardigan allows for a totally separate “look.” So easy to pack, the best, best, best.

2. A wheeled duffle- I have been obsessed with this

Victorinox duffle

that I have had for over five years now. The duffle is SO light but it actually fits a lot of items. It's almost impossible to pack this bag over the 50 pound weight limit, which makes packing very simple. It also has a side and front compartment for tiny items. Traveling with one big bag has always been easier for me than traveling with a few smaller bags.

3. Walking shoes- Walking shoes are not cute :( BUT you have to have them. I just bought a pair of flats and lace-up 


walking shoes for my last trip and they were a life saver. I also love walking in my Toms while on vacation. The bottom line is you MUST have a good pair of shoes that can last you the entire day.

4. Mini sunscreen and a mini umbrella- No matter where you are going, just pack them! Sunny, windy, rainy...just trust me here. They have definitely been life-saving travel favorites for me.

Lucky me I was able to borrow an umbrella to see the penguins in Cape Town!

 5. A battery operated iPhone charger- This is definitely my favorite travel favorite!! I never have to worry about running out of battery (especially when I use my phone as a camera) because I have a battery operated charger. I also am always using my map app when I am traveling and having battery for that is critical. Adding one of these to my travel gear was so helpful.

What else am I missing? What are you travel favorites? What do you always pack?

Packing for a Safari: Five Must Haves

We just returned from the most incredible Safari ever, but before we left I had a lot of anxiety about what clothing to pack. Did I HAVE to wear khaki? Did I need a hat? Could I wear my leopard scarf while we were out spotting leopards? (Quick answers: no, yes, yes). Now that I have completed my safari, here are my five packing must haves for enjoying yourself!

1. Wear layers- It was pretty cold in the morning and pretty warm in the afternoon and the only way to be comfortable on a safari is to wear layers! I was fine wearing long pants the entire day, but I wore a short sleeve shirt, with a cardigan over it, a fleece, gloves and scarf. I was able to really easily remove layers and keep them in the truck.

2. Wear a hat- It doesn't have to be a wide-brimmed hat (which I love), but I highly recommend packing a hat. It is very sunny, there is no shade and you are open to the elements.

3. Wear neutral colors- Don't wear bright colors on your safari. You'll want to be in more neutral khaki, white and green. Of course, I'm not entirely sure that it really matters what colors you wear (some do attract bugs so avoid those), but in general those are the right colors to pack!

4. Bugspray and Sunscreen- Our safari provided both of these items, but you will definitely want to pack them. The bugs were not bad at all on our safari, but I felt better wearing it anyway. I obviously needed sunscreen over my entire body. Also my shirt pictured above is a special bug-away shirt from REI. It was also light-weight and perfect for safari.

5. Binoculars and Camera- Get a better set of binoculars and a better camera than you think you will want. Trust me on this.