3 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party With Friends Around The Country

Last month I attended a bachelorette party with attendees from Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, DC, Illinois and North Carolina! Planning a bachelorette party is already challenging, but planning a party with people from so many different areas of the country can be very, very challenging. 

The reality of planning a party with these many people is that you can NEVER make everyone happy. Someone will have to travel from much further away then makes sense, someone will have a party in their own city and someone will end up in a destination they don't love. That being said, there are a few things you can do to make planning a Bachelorette party with friends from around the country a little bit easier. 

1. Send out a destination survey - Picking a destination is very challenging for a party with so many travelers. You'll obviously want to chat with the bride first to see if she has a destination in mind. If she doesn't, I recommend sending out a destination survey. The survey should include your top three destinations and ask everyone included to vote. It can also include feedback on dates as well. 

You can download a copy of the destination survey I sent out to my friends for a recent bachelorette party here: 

2. Help out those who have to travel the furthest and pay the most- In every bachelorette group there will be one or two friends who have to travel the furthest or buy the most expensive flights. I always try to help those girls out by taking a little off of their plate. In the past I've helped them plan carpools so they don't have to pay more for transportation, I've given them less responsibility or arranged a great roommate for them during the party. 

3. Assign tasks so everyone feels their input has been heard- The hardest part of a bachelorette party is the number of personalities you have to deal with in order to get everything set up. I like to assign tasks to every single person coming (not just the maid of honor!) so that everyone feels their voice has been heard. 

Here are the jobs I assigned out at my last bachelorette party:

- Dinner plans for Friday and Saturday

- Brunch plans for Saturday

- Bar selection for Friday night

- Party favor research 

- Game research

- Assigning roommates 

- Decorating the rooms

Even though the maid of honor typically plans all of this stuff at a party, I found that assigning it out had everyone more invested and excited about the party. 

These are just three of my best tips for planning a bachelorette party with friends from around the country. What are your best kept secrets?



Planning a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

I've been to three bachelorette parties this summer (one in Austin, one in Nashville and one in Atlantic City) and I understand more than anyone how expensive a bachelorette party can be. Planning a bachelorette party on a budget is actually really hard! It requires a lot of planning and focus from the planners to make sure that spending doesn't get out of control. 

I've been collecting a bunch of tips for planning a bachelorette party on a budget that I'm going to share below. It's hard to incorporate all of the tips into one party, but if you can incorporate just a few it will make it much easier for participants on a budget. 

- When you start planning the party, get a gut check from the participants about how much they are willing to spend for a party.

- Start keeping a list of where everyone is coming from. This will help when it is time to pick a destination. I always try to pick a destination that is inexpensive for at least half of the people in the party. I also try to ask the bride about her most important participants (I know this sounds rude- but if it is most important to her that her sister and best friend from college can come- I try to make sure that the choice of destination reflects that). 

- Try to pick a place that is easy to get to. Make sure the location has a major hub for airlines. If it doesn't, help arrange carpooling for those flying in to the party. 

- If you have a friend who is in driving distance of the party, have them make a big Costco run before the party. This can save a lot of money if you are able to get alcohol and snacks before the party. 

- DO NOT OVERBUY- I find that at parties people almost always overbuy alcohol and snacks. Buy a little bit ahead of time to save money, but don't buy too much. Most people will eat 1-2 snacks. Get an idea of who will be drinking at your party so you can prepare. 

- Consider a rental house over a hotel- Often times a rental house with people sharing rooms can be cheaper than staying in a hotel. I always check VRBO and Airbnb in the city of the party to see if I can find a good deal. Also try asking around if any of your friends own a rental house in the city you are visiting. My husband was able to borrow a friend's rental house for his bachelor party and ended up saving his friends a ton of money. 

- Plan at least one dinner at your rental house or hotel- One of the biggest money sucks of a bachelorette party is going out to dinner. I really like to plan one dinner at the rental house or hotel to keep costs down. Order in pizza, thai, chinese, wings, salads...whatever the bride likes! This is a great chance to play games and give little gifts to the bride all while saving money. 

- Incorporate one free activity during the day- A lot of bachelorette parties include high ticket price activities during the day (wine tasting, boat rental, pedal pub), but if you can try and incorporate one free activity into the day time activity. For example, in Austin you can walk South Congress and go into the shops, do a group walk around town lake, go swimming at Barton Springs (not totally free, but only $3 a person) or have a pool party at your hotel. When we went to Atlantic City, we spend the day at the beach and in Nashville we walked around downtown and the shops by Vanderbilt. All of these activities are super fun, but don't cost your friends a lot of money. 

- Let people know what to expect ahead of time- If you can, make sure you let people know the general cost of the hotel/rental house, big dinner out and any activities ahead of time. This gives your guests a chance to figure out what they can afford and save up if need be. 

- Ask the bride's parents and the groom for a special gift- I always like to ask the groom if he wants to send over a bottle of champagne at dinner or ask the bride's parents if they want to surprise the bride with a couple desserts at dinner. These provide minimal savings, but the cost of a round of drinks or dessert can really add up if you have a large group. I also think they enjoy being included and it is fun for them to be asked. 

- Keep in simple! I think there is a lot of pressure to pick a fancy destination, fancy hotel, buy lots of gifts for the bride and so on, but the reality is that a bachelorette party is fun on its own and you don't have to get too crazy. The bride wants to spend time with her friends, so don't over plan and don't over spend. 

What other tips do you have for planning a bachelorette party on a budget?

The Ultimate Atlantic City Bachelorette Party Guide

I just returned home from a VERY fun bachelorette party in Atlantic City. Ever since the success of my ultimate Austin bachelorette party guide, I've been trying to write up a detailed review of everything we did. While I don't live in AC (the way I do in Austin) I tried to remember every detail for you to copy on your next AC bachelorette party. 

Getting to Atlantic City from other areas of the country isn't too tricky depending on where you come from. The entire Texas group (Dallas and Austin) flew into Philadelphia and paid for a shuttle with Airport Chariot. United and American both had decent deals into Philadelphia. Others flew into NYC or DC, but keep in mind the drive is much longer. From Philly to AC is only about an hour depending on traffic. 

We were a group of 22 girls so staying in a hotel in AC was sort of off the table :) We stayed in a really beautiful VRBO with 8 bedrooms. The best part of this VRBO was the communal space for eating, playing games and hanging out. The hotels in AC (with the exception of maybe the Borgata) are not super nice, so the house was definitely nicer than other options. It was also two blocks from the beach. 

When we arrived Friday we hit the beach immediately and stayed there most of the day Saturday too! 

The beach was really beautiful and not too crowded. Our VRBO had tons of beach towels, which made it easy breezy to go to the beach. 

Friday night we ordered takeout and played games in the house. We had a really fun lingerie shower for the bride too. I'm always looking for ideas for cute items for the bride and these have been my go to items for a while. 

Saturday after the beach, we headed for an Atlantic City speciality: Gelati. For those of you who don't know what that is custard layered with water ice. Totally delicious, totally a must get (we ate at Sundaze, but I've heard Margate Dairy Bar is great too). 

Saturday night we headed to Caesars for dinner at Buddakahn. It was perfect for a big group and we had a gigantic table. The group menu was absolutely amazing (and very satisfying). I was shocked how great the restaurant was at accommodating allergies (gluten and dairy) and generally providing really, really good service. Also props to our servers for keeping the drinks flowing (we added on a $35pp beverage package, so we were obviously happy to be drinking our share). I believe the dinner was $60 per person, but included so many great things (my favorite items were edamame ravioli, chicken ginger dumpling, crispy king salmon, chinese eggplant...I could really go on). Here we are in front of the giant Buddah. 

After dinner at Buddakan, we headed to the Borgata to dance at Premier night club. I'm not really a night club type of person, but the Borgata is nice and I found the club to be mostly tolerable. We danced, drank and celebrated our bachelorette. 

The Borgata is also great if you want to do a little gambling. Lots of slot machines and tables were available on Saturday night. Sunday night we brunched and headed out of town. 

This bachelorette party was so fun and I highly recommend this itinerary if you have a group of girls who loves the beach and loves to eat. 


Planning a Bachelorette Party in Nashville

I recently went to an amazing Nashville Bachelorette Party in June and had the best time! I wrote up the entire itinerary here, but the bride's sister and maid of honor also made an incredible video about the weekend! 

Making a video for the bride is a great gift to give during a bridal shower or to show her during the wedding weekend! We loved, loved, loved Nashville for a Bachelorette Party. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Planning a Nashville Bachelorette Party

I just got back from a Bachelorette Party in Nashville and it was amazing! Everyone knows that I love, love, love Austin for a Bachelorette Party, but I really thought Nashville was an equally awesome place to go. 

Here is the itinerary of what we did while we were there:


  • Everyone arrived on Friday afternoon and got relaxed into the hotel. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown and it was an incredible hotel. The staff were so nice, we had no problem with our rooms and the location is absolutely amazing. You can walk to all of the going out bars and many, many restaurants. This was great since we had a group of 13 people and Ubering everywhere, while very convenient, can get expensive. The hotel also has a Starbucks in the lobby, which is great for early birds. There is also a liquor store in walking distance where I grabbed all of the beverages for the party. 
  • We spent Friday night at Pinewood Social, which is a really cool restaurant and bar with bowling, games and great food. The bride loves to bowl, so we rented out two lanes. They serve a limited menu at the bowling area, but the food was really great and everyone seemed happy with it! The bowling was really fun too. If your bride loves games, you could easily get a table by bocce ball and the other games. Our servers at Pinewood Social were so on top of everything too, really impressive.
  • After Pinewood Social we went out on Broadway Street to all of the Honky Tonk bars. We went to pretty much every bar and they were each unique and fun. They all have great country music bands and big crowds. In fact, I was super surprised that they let so many people into the bars, but it did make for a fun atmosphere. We took some fun before and after pics to show what a great night we had :)


  • On Saturday, we grabbed brunch at The Southern and it was SUCH a great group place for brunch. They clearly serve a lot of groups, because our waiter was very much on top of everything. They seated us in a semi-private room so it was really quiet and great for conversation. They were super fast on the coffees and we started with some great biscuits. I was really impressed with the staff here. 
  • After brunch, we were scheduled to do a peddle pub bike ride with Sprocket Rocket. The peddle pub was really fun and our group had a great time! You get a nice little tour of Nashville followed by a stop at a bar or two. Unlike some other bikes I've been on, this one had a motor, which made it much easier. They also provide you with a bartender who serves drinks and plays great music. Overall, it was so fun!
  • After the bike ride, we Ubered to East Nashville and visited some of the cute little shops and ate at Jeni's Ice Cream! We also walked through the Vanderbilt campus and laid around in the grass for a little bit. After all the fun, we went back to the hotel for a little rest. 
  • For dinner we ate at Americano, which is a great little tapas bar in Nashville. I really like doing tapas for a big group dinner, because it usually ends up being cheaper for everyone to share. Plus sangria is delicious and a great start to the night. 
  • After dinner, we went back to the hotel for games, fun and drinking as a group! 


  • I left early Sunday, but the girls went stand up paddle boarding and had an absolute blast! It looked like a really fun way to end the weekend. 

There were A LOT of other bachelorette parties walking around Nashville, which also made for a really fun atmosphere. Overall, I thought it was a GREAT place to host a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Planning: Austin, Nashville, Atlantic City

Three of my dearest friends are getting married this year and I am seriously on the bachelorette party circuit! I'll be headed to parties in Austin (my hometown), Nashville and Atlantic City this summer and I couldn't be more excited. 

When first starting to help plan a party there are a few must-dos to get accomplished:

1. Make your dinner reservations- For large groups, securing dinner reservations is a MUST! Doing this in advance is the most important part of the party since everyone expects to eat during the party. For my best friend's party in Nashville we are doing an awesome group dinner at Pinewood Social, which includes bowling and fun! 

2. Secure a place to stay- I like to use to start browsing hotel options. Once I've decided on a place, I religiously check back to see if prices have gone by. For our Nashville bachelorette, I ended up booking with because of their awesome cancellation policy. I ended up finding a much cheaper hotel a month after we booked and was able to cancel our hotel for that one. 

3. Send out a brief trip overview so everyone can book travel- Once you have a rough timeline, send out an email to everyone letting them know what they should arrive and depart. Also let them know if they will need to pack anything specific like bathing suits or tennis shoes. 

 Still reminiscing over my own bachelorette four years ago! 

Still reminiscing over my own bachelorette four years ago! 

Once you have these three items down, you'll only have a few small items left to plan the best bachelorette party! Let me know if you have any great Nashville or Atlantic City tips in the comments! 

Austin Bachelorette Itinerary

I've been getting a bunch of emails with readers who are loving my Austin Bachelorette Party Guide! You all are so sweet for reading and I am so happy that my information is helping you all plan a great party. 

A few people have mentioned wanting a more detailed itinerary but not wanting to pay the full amount for a custom plan. 

I'm now selling a more detailed Austin Bachelorette Party Itinerary for only $4.99! It has lots of great insider tips and is perfect for a weekend party. 

I can't wait to see what all you think and hear about your upcoming parties! 

Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

While planning a Bachelorette Party can be tons of fun, it can also be really stressful for the Maid of Honor, Bridemaids and friends of the bride. I've been to a lot of fun (and a few not so fun) Bachelorette parties and there are a few things that all of the fun parties have in common. 

1. Really consider what the bride will like- Some brides love to party, some not so much. Some brides love to do adventurous activities and others would rather lay at the pool. Focusing on the bride at her party can NOT be stressed enough. Whatever you think the bride will like best is what you should do! 

2. Plan at least one amazing dinner out- Every fun Bachelorette Party I've ever been to has included one awesomely delicious and fun dinner. Everyone loves a great dinner out, so be sure to plan one for your Bachelorette. Keep it reasonable, but make sure it is nice. 

3. Give everyone some down time- There is a tendency to over-schedule Bachelorette Parties. With going out, day time activities and huge meals, be sure to schedule an hour or two of down time for everyone. I always send out an itinerary with at least two hours of downtime scheduled in. For people who love to be active they can still do something, but it forces those who need a small break to take one. 

What are your tips for planning the perfect Bachelorette Party? 

The Ultimate Austin Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

Updated May 2018!

Just as an FYI, you can purchase a digital download of a more detailed itinerary for only $4.99! It has a lot of great info and I'll always answer follow up questions regarding this itinerary! 

I've lived in Austin for over 13 years have been to countless bachelorette parties in the city. There are a lot of things to do, but planning can logistically be difficult due to the nature of the city. Here are my best tips for enjoying an awesome Austin bachelorette party!

Getting here:

Austin has an international airport and has direct flights from almost all locations. Here are the best airlines to check for flights into Austin:


- Nonstop from LA, Chicago, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Atlanta, Denver, Last Vegas, Portland, Baltimore, Nashvile, New Orleans, Phoenix, St Louis


- Chicago, Denver, LA, Houston,


- Atlanta, Detroit, LA, New York

US Airways

- Philadelphia, Phoenix,


- Chicago, Dallas, Miami


- Long Beach, New York, Boston, Orlando, San Francisco

I also recommend checking out Frontier as they fly from a lot of new cities to Austin as of a few months ago. 

To get from the airport to where you are staying you can take a cab, take an Uber/Lyft or rent a car. The rental car area is in the airport, so it is super easy to and very little waiting. To most hotels it will only take you about 20 minutes from the airport.

Where to stay: 

Hotel: Austin has hotels, but not nearly as many as you would think! Depending on your price range and group size there are a couple of good hotel options.

The W

- This is a great hotel for a more luxury experience. They have a fantastic pool and bar that your group can take advantage of. It is also walking distance to a few great dinner restaurants and all of the bars.


- This hotel is also very close to all of the bars, but slightly further from the great restaurants. If you want to walk right out at night time, this is a great location.


- This hotel is a great location for bars and restaurants, but is less expensive than The W.

The Radisson

- This hotel isn't walking distance to downtown, but it is walking distance to South Congress and is right on the lake and trail. This hotel has a beautiful view and you can see the bats directly from the hotel.

JW Marriott

- This is a brand new hotel in downtown Austin and great for Marriott loyalists! It is walking distance to going out options and to a bunch of hotels. It also has a fun bar!

Hotel Van Zandt

- This is a brand new hotel on Rainey Street! Amazing pool, perfect location and a fun restaurant called Geraldines right above the hotel. Definitely a little pricey but great for a fancy party. 

I also recently stayed at the Hyatt Place downtown for a bachelorette party. They include breakfast and each room also has a pull out couch (so you could do two queens and use the couch). 

Vacation Rental: There are also a ton of vacation rentals in Austin. You will likely have to take Uber more places, but you can stay on the lake, on the east side of town or downtown. There are plenty of houses for groups of 10+. Just be careful when booking as some can be far from downtown. Unless you are planning on driving to downtown every day, you will likely want to be closer. 




What to do during the day:  

Wine tasting in Dripping Springs or Fredericksburg- You'll definitely want to hire a company to drive you out there and take you to wineries. There are a bunch of fun wineries and you can hop from one to another. There also a handful of breweries in Dripping Springs if you are a more beer drinking group.

- Kayak or paddle board on town lake- You can rent kayaks or SUPS and go out on the lake for a few hours of fun in the sun. This is a really fun activity for an active group.

- Barton springs- If you come during the summer, spend some time in Austin's most beautiful natural spring. Swim, lay out and enjoy the sun. You can also visit Hamilton Pool, another beautiful swimming spot.

- Rent a boat on Lake Austin or Lake Travis- Again you will probably need to hire a van to take you out there. Pack a cooler and some food, enjoy Austin's lakes scene. 

- Sky Candy Trapeze and Circus Party- If you are looking for a fun and active activity, I highly recommend Sky Candy for your bachelorette party. Their Intro to Aerials class allows the bachelorette and her girls to try trapeze, hammock, silks and more! I tried the class recently and I know it would be SO fun for a bachelorette party (just don't drink me on this!). **Mention Give Me The Globe when you email them and I promise they will make your party super special. 

Pub Crawler- This is a moving bike with ten seats for your entire crew. You can ride downtown and stop off at all of the bars.

- Hipside Peddler- If you love craft beer, unique cocktails and great wine, this is a great alternative to the Pub Crawler! This group party bike goes around the East Side of Austin and stops at some amazing local bars and food trucks. They even have a microphone on the bike so you can sing along to your favorite songs! **Mention Give Me The Globe when you book for a little special Hipside treatment.**

- Movie at The Alamo Drafthouse- If you have a tame crew or it ends up raining, go see a movie! They serve food and drinks in the theater and often have special events like sing alongs at night.

- Head out to The Salt Lick for the ultimate BBQ experience (There is also a winery out there :)).

- Walk around South Congress- Enjoy the shops, take a picture in front of the "I love you so much" mural

- Check for festivals- Austin LOVES festivals so check if there is anything special going on while you are in town.

- See the bats- Depending on the time of year you can watch the bats fly out from under the Congress Bridge.

- Take a bike tour of the city- Very fun for a more active group.

- Tubing- I personally love Don's Fish Camp for a great tubing adventure.

What to do at night: 

- East 6th Street- You have to do this one night. Go to Pete's Piano Bar and let the bachelorette get up on the stage. Then you can go to Cheers and order flaming Dr. Peppers. Hit up Barbarella if people in your group want to dance.

- West 6th Street- A little bit of an older crowd, but also has lots of bars that are fun for a bachelorette.

- Rainey Street- You will probably want to do this on a more tame night. There are a bunch of fun little bars on a walking street.

- The Broken Spoke- If you want to line dance :)

- Lingerie Shower- I always recommend adding in a little shower for the bride, even if it is just for underwear or a few new bras. It's so nice to send your bachelorette into married life with a few small gifts. Here are my favorite little gifts I've been giving at showers. 

Where to Eat:

There are so many amazing places to eat in Austin. I recommend checking out the new restaurants on Eater Austin. New restaurants open up faster than I can update this blog. 

-Ranch 616 - This is on West 6th street and has a fun vibe for a bachelorette party. Make sure the bachelorette orders a fire in the hole shot. You can sit outside and enjoy the nice weather.

- Red Ash- Amazing Italian food and very close to bars downtown or on Rainey Street. 

- Fixe- Really, really great southern upscale food. Great drinks and good for large parties. 

- Wu Chow- Fancy Chinese food and fun cocktails. Fun atmosphere and nice patio for outdoor eating.

-2nd bar and kitchen - American style food and drinks in a fun downtown atmosphere

-Moonshine - Texas style food and room for big tables

-La Condesa - Sort of on the pricey side, but fun little Mexican food place

-Lamberts- Fancy style BBQ

- Trudys- If you want casual Tex-Mex, this is located near campus

- Bangers- This is located on Rainey Street, they mostly have fancy sausages and beer but it is a really fun place with a huge patio

-Taverna- $1 mimosas available downtown

- 24 Diner- Fun diner food near downtown

- Taco Deli- Not near downtown but worth going to. Jos coffee shop on South Congress sells taco deli, so that can be a good morning activity (tacos + coffee + shopping/walking).

-Italic - This is a newer Italian place in downtown. A great stop for pastas and pizzas if your group needs to carbo load!

-Salt Lick - If you want to go on a BBQ adventure, this is the place! It is a little bit of a drive outside of the city, but definitely an adventure. Be sure to BYOB or stop by one of the neighboring wineries in Driftwood first.

-Easy Tiger- Need an afternoon snack? Stop by Easy Tiger for a beer and a pretzel!

Most of the restaurants I recommend are downtown so that your group doesn't have to Uber to dinner, but if you want to venture outside of downtown some of my favorite restaurants are Pitchfork Pretty, Odd Duck, Peached Tortilla and TLC. 

These are my favorite tips for a Bachelorette Party in Austin. All of the recommendations are my own based on actual parties I have attended and had a blast attending. There are affiliate links in this post. Enjoy celebrating in Austin and feel free to comment with any bachelorette party questions or email with any questions! 

I also sell a more detailed itinerary digital download for just $4.99! You can click the button below to buy it.  

Planning a Bachelorette Party in Austin

This weekend I am lucky enough to be attending a bachelorette party in my home town of Austin, TX. It is an awesome location for a bachelorette party and this time of year (end of October) is still warm enough for a lot of fun activities. I didn't plan this bachelorette party (the MOHs did an amazing job), but if I did, here would be my recommendations!

1. Eat near going out- This is my BIGGEST recommendation. Pick a restaurant on 6th street (east or west) or on Rainey Street for easy access to going out. Austin isn't the best city for cabs and Uber is just starting to pick up steam. If you eat near where you are going out the entire group can easily make it out without much hassle.

2. Pick an extra day drinking activity- This is a bachelorette party after all ;) If you are looking for a great day time activity that involves drinking, Austin has a couple to pick from. I personally love a wine or brewery tour in Fredericksburg or Dripping Springs. You can also do the Pub-Crawler, a large drinking bicycle downtown, or visit a place like Painting with a Twist. There are also a few good beer gardens (Easy Tiger, ABGB, etc.) where you can relax and enjoy time with your girls.

3. Look into a vacation rental- I would always recommend looking into a vacation rental if you are visiting Austin. The hotel selection here is pretty weak (it's getting better), but the rental market is very hot. With a rental all of your girls can relax and party together without being in separate rooms.

4. If you have an active group, try stand up paddle boarding or kayaking- If you have a more active group, or a less drinking group, there are many active activities to try in Austin. If you aren't going in Fall there are opportunities to spend a day on the lake or go to Barton Springs. If it is too cold for those, you can still stand up paddle board or kayak in Town Lake, which is right downtown. You can pretty much kayak year round, so I recommend trying that out either way.

Fall is a great time to be in Austin. So gather your girls and come on down!