Airbnb Review: The Best Airbnb in Boulder

Summer in Texas is...brutal to say the least. In August you become so sick of the hot weather that the only option is to escape! And escape we did :) Last year I decided that I really wanted to bring our dog, Brew to Colorado so he could 1) go to another state and 2) enjoy some mountains and cool weather. We drove from Austin to Boulder and obviously had to stay in an Airbnb to accommodate Brew. A few people laughed about me wanting to take my dog to Colorado, but Brew tragically passed away just a few months later and this trip was one of the highlights of his life for us and him. It's why I really encourage people to never put off traveling to see the ones they love. 

I started searching for Airbnbs pretty early because the good ones ALWAYS get booked quickly. I found Grant and Alex's Boulder guest house and picked it for a few reasons.

1. Location- If I am going to stay in a rental I want to feel safe in the neighborhood and I want to be close to where I want to visit. This Boulder Airbnb is located walking distance to Pearl Street and many hiking and biking trails. We walked to grab coffee, lunch, take a hike and we only really ever got in our car one or two times the entire trip. 

2. Design and Decor- I am a hotel lover (obviously), so it takes a lot for me to want to stay in a rental instead of in a hotel. I love when an Airbnb has a beautiful design and decor to match it . This rental was absolutely impeccably decorated and had everything you could possibly dream of (coffee, tea, fresh milk and eggs, spices, etc). 

 I borrowed this picture from their Airbnb listing because it looked a lot different with my bags and clothes everywhere :)

I borrowed this picture from their Airbnb listing because it looked a lot different with my bags and clothes everywhere :)

3. Reviews- I always read at least 10-15 reviews before I  will stay in any property. I don't mind if the listing has a few bad reviews, but I want to make sure that I fully understand what it is really like before staying there. The reviews for this property were impeccable, which is what tipped the scale in me wanting to stay there. 

I was blown away by the actual rental! It was as beautiful as the pictures and the reviews were spot on. I will also say that Grant and Alex were unbelievable hosts. They can provide great tips for the area, but they also painted a little picture of our dog Brew that I still cherish and keep with me. 

If you are looking for a great vacation rental in Boulder, I highly recommend this one! 

Hotel Review: Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage

In September my husband's law firm always hosts a retreat for all of the partners. This year it was in Palm Springs and I found myself with an extra day to try out a hotel super close to Palm Springs: The Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage. September is very off-season for Palm Springs (because it was HOT ya'll!), but that also meant that the rate was super reasonable for a Ritz at $175 a night (plus a $30 a night resort fee). We only stayed one night, but spent the entire day at the resort exploring and enjoying. 

I'll preface this by saying the Ritz is maybe one of my least favorite hotel brands. I find the rooms to be less modern than I like and the prices to be higher than I like. Despite that, I still find myself staying in one about once a year. This was definitely one of the better Ritz hotels I've been to. 


The resort was absolutely beautiful. There are sweeping desert views and you can walk the path around the resort to see them from all angles. We spent most of our time at the adult pool, but there is also a main pool for people with children. The adult pool is small, but there were plenty of chairs and umbrellas (we were out there pretty early because of the heat though). They had lawn games out as well, which was a really nice touch. My husband and I both like to play silly games, so it was a nice thing to do for a little bit during the afternoon. You are about 20 minutes from Palm Springs, so it is certainly close enough to head over there during your stay too. Since we were there for only one night, we spent our entire time enjoying the pool and resort views. 

 Me enjoying the view from the resort at 19 weeks pregnant.

Me enjoying the view from the resort at 19 weeks pregnant.


Biggest shocker of my stay here was that the food was really, really good! We ate breakfast and dinner at the hotel and while not cheap, I was impressed with the quality of the food and the selection. Food at a hotel like this is always expensive and I've pretty much come to expect that. Service in the restaurant was very good (I wish I could remember the name of our waiter because he did a really nice job). We were there on a Thursday night so the Edge Steakhouse was closed, meaning we ate at State Fare for both meals. I was 19 weeks pregnant  AND gluten free and they were very accommodating (I did call ahead to let them know, but I don't think it would be a problem to walk in needing accommodations either). Overall, I was super pleased with the food.  


This is where my love/hate for the Ritz comes into play. The room was totally fine. It is spacious, comfortable and has everything you need, but it is not my style. I prefer my rooms a little more modern and this room definitely had some wear and tear. We were in a desert view king and the view outside the balcony was spectacular, but it  got hot VERY quickly so there was minimum balcony time available. The room had a nice bath and shower. Nothing wrong with the room, but nothing WOW either. 

 The desert view from our room.

The desert view from our room.


While I was super impressed with the service in the restaurant, I thought the service at the pool was only so-so. There was one waitress serving the entire pool which made service slow, but fine. My real service issue though was with the valet. The valet stand was always packed and it took a while to get your car (even if you called ahead). For a hotel that requires you to valet your car (and includes a $30 a night resort fee), I would expect there to rarely be a wait to get you car.  

Did the TripAdvisor reviews mid-lead me? Surprisingly I found them to be pretty spot on. I would 100% stay here if I found myself near Palm Springs again. It's a fun and enjoyable resort! 

Hotel Review: Four Seasons Chiang Mai

I'm always amazed at how some hotels truly use their hotel to transform your experience into something you have never experienced before! This was 100% true about my stay at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai in Thailand. This has to be one of my favorite hotels I have ever stayed in and it didn't disappoint on any level. 



I want to start by sharing a little about the resort. It is somewhat secluded and not in the city-center of Chiang Mai. This isn't a huge deal but we aware that if you want to eat dinner outside of the resort and for any activities you will need to organize transportation (the hotel is, obviously, happy to do that for you). We went out to eat one night at David's Kitchen and it was no big deal to head out there. 

The most important thing to note about staying here is that you need to leave a day open to enjoy the resort! This is hard because there is a lot to do in Chiang Mai (tons of cooking schools, elephant sanctuary, Doi Inthanon, night markets, etc), but it would be a shame to spend so much money on a luxury hotel and not fully enjoy it one day. 

The resort is absolutely gorgeous and looks over beautiful rice paddies on the property. The pool has a spectacular view of the rice paddies and the entire property. You will definitely want to spend a little time relaxing by the pool and enjoying the scenery. There were tons of daily activities offered, but we were definitely more interested in lounging than participating. There were a few fun ones like buffalo bathing (exactly what it sounds like, you can watch and help bath a buffalo) and a morning monk offering (very nice to experience). If you are into fitness there were a lot of fitness classes available too. 


My favorite thing about the resort is just how beautiful the outdoor spaces were. You could always find fresh flowers, candles, torches, floating flowers everywhere you went. So, so gorgeous. 


We ate breakfast each morning in the main buffet area and enjoyed it...a lot! Breakfast was included as a part of our room rate (I believe if you book through a Virtuoso agent this is one of the benefits you get through them- I can't remember what breakfast costs without it). They had a ton of freshly squeezed juices available each morning along with great coffee drinks (I drink a cappuccino daily on vacation!). Breakfast had a ton of variety and we usually ate so much at breakfast that we didn't each again until dinner. My husband's favorite thing about breakfast was the noodle station (think like an American omelette station, but with Thai noodle dishes). Keep in mind that breakfast can be a little bit crowded and chaotic, but the service was fast and there was plenty of food. 

We did not eat dinner at the resort, but the restaurant options did look fantastic at the hotel! 


We upgraded our room from a regular view to a rice paddy view. It is absolutely gorgeous to look out onto the rice paddies each morning. The room has a beautiful outdoor space with a swinging bench and dining table. You could definitely have drinks right outside your door and enjoy the view (or have room service breakfast there each morning).


Rooms are big (they are all villa style so feel pretty private) with a gorgeous shower and bathtub. The room had everything you would expect. 


The service was incredible at the hotel and VERY personalized. I felt like we saw a lot of the same staff over and over again and they started to get a sense of what we liked and were interested in. I'm sure this only gets better if you stay longer. 


Even though you can get cheap massages pretty much anywhere in Thailand, we decided to splurge and get a Thai massage at the Four Seasons. The spa is very gorgeous with (more) fresh flowers everywhere. 


We indulged in tea and got ready for our Thai massages. I highly recommend asking for softer pressure if you aren't sure what pressure level you like. My massage was absolutely perfect, but a Thai massage can be a little rough if you aren't used to it!

Overall the spa was totally worth the experience and you can't leave Thailand without getting a real Thai massage.

Did the TripAdvisor reviews mid-lead me? Nope! I found that the TripAdvisor reviews for this hotel were pretty spot on! This is a great hotel, highly recommend!


The Best Austin Staycation Hotels and Resorts

Living in a hot vacation destination like Austin means that I often times miss out on visiting some of the nicest hotels and resorts the city has to offer. I love a great hotel and I've been making more of an effort to try out the local hotels and resorts and enjoy a few staycations here and there. Here are my four favorite Austin staycation spots: 

- Lake Austin Spa- Beautiful views, amazing food and THE BEST spa treatments in the entire city make this one of my favorite staycation spots. Even if you don't want to stay overnight, I highly recommend spending an entire day out there: two spa treatments, lunch and a little pool time out by the lake. It's gorgeous and the service is fantastic. If you are looking for a relaxing staycation, this is the one! 

- South Congress Hotel- This is one of my favorite spots for a relaxing but also fun Austin staycation. Spend the day walking around South Congress. Enjoy a coffee at Jo's and shop the boutiques during the day. Enjoy their beautiful pool and then get ready for an amazing dinner (try Otoko if you are a sushi lover and Vespaio for something more romantic). Grab a drink in the lobby bar after dinner or visit Continental Club for a little music. Brunch the next day at Cafe No Se rounds out the perfect staycation, no car needed! 

- Lakeway Resort- If you are like me you love a little lake time during the summer! Lakeway Resort is a great staycation spot. You could make this a couple's only staycation or a family friendly one! They have two beautiful pools, gorgeous lake views and boat rentals right from the resort. The only downside to a staycation here is the food choices (unlike the two above that really have incredible food). 


- Hotel Van Zandt - This is a similar staycation to South Congress Hotel, but perfect if you want to actually go out to bars later at night. This hotel is located right on Rainey Street so it is walking distance to all sorts of fun Bungalow bars and restaurants. With plenty of restaurants to pick from, you should save room for late night food truck bites as well. 

Here are a couple of staycation spots I am dying to try but haven't gotten around to yet! 

Collective Retreats- Just outside of Austin, luxury glamping has made its way to the Texas Hill Country. I am eager to try it, but I read they don't have AC so possibly in the spring! 

 Enjoying the views of the Texas Hill Country

Enjoying the views of the Texas Hill Country

Llano AirBNB- This Airbnb is a few hours outside of Austin, but was sent to me by a friend and looks absolutely incredible! 

Hyatt Lost Pines- Another great spot for a family staycation. I'm looking forward to checking out the lazy river when my son gets a little bit older. 

Do you love to staycation? What other resorts should I check out? 

Infant Packing List: Baby's First Flight

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We just survived our baby's first flight at three months old and I am SO relieved. As an avid traveler I always dreamed of taking my baby on trips, but as the day got closer to our first flight I started to get nervous. I am the kind of girl who only packs a carry on, flies through TSA pre-check and enjoys a pre-flight beverage in the airport. It was a pretty big transition to become the girl who checks a bag, gate checks a stroller, carries an infant through security and nurses in the airport. 


I'll be sharing more tips from the flight and trip later, but I wanted to share my packing list below. We were only gone for one weekend, but it required a LOT of items for such a little baby. 

Baby's First Flight: Infant Packing List

On board the plane we brought a diaper bag and my pump bag (since I was carrying milk and would need my pump while traveling). I highly recommend a diaper backpack for traveling. It is so much easier to not have to carry a tote style diaper bag when walking through the airport. I love this diaper backpack style or one like this

In the diaper bag and carry on we packed: 

Diapers  x 10


Outfit x 2

Burp Cloth and bibs x 2

Extra milk 

Two bottles

Pump + pump pieces

Pump Bra

Pump cooler

Car seat cover- We didn't end up needing this, but I wanted to have one in case people started getting too close to the baby while traveling. 

Ziplock bags and Wash It Later bag- I am obsessed with these wash it later bags. They are a bag you put dirty baby clothes into, fill with a cup of water, seal it and the bag releases soap to start pre-soaking the dirty clothes. Amazing solution for diaper blow-outs while traveling. 

Small rattle or toy to play with

Baby blanket- Just in case it was cold on the plane, which it wasn't but important to have. 

Pacifier and Clips- Our baby doesn't take a pacifier well, but if your baby has ear trouble on the flight, sucking on a pacifier helps relieve the pressure. I highly recommend buying a pacifier clip for your baby while flying. That way your pacifier will not fall on the airplane/airport floor. I love these Cutie Clips from Ryan and Rose

Carrier- Our baby loves to be held in a carrier so we brought it with us. He ended up being fine without it, but I know many babies love to be in the carrier through the airport and on the plane.

 Our baby only lasted about 5 minutes in the carrier before I let him out and he snoozed in my lap. 

Our baby only lasted about 5 minutes in the carrier before I let him out and he snoozed in my lap. 

In our packed bag we had :

Burp clothes x 5

Bibs x 5

Swaddles – Our baby sleeps in a Zipadee-Zip, but whatever you need for good sleep! 

Outfits x 6


Bottles x 3

Dish Soap- I like to carry my own dish soap for washing bottles, pump pieces and pacifiers. 

Here are items I either sent ahead or my parents already had at their house: 

Diapers- I decided to send diapers and wipes ahead because they weighh a lot and take up a lot of room. We were on a short trip, so I just sent one package of each ahead to my parent's house. 


Sound machine- My parent's already had a sound machine, but there are great travel-sized sound machines you could easily pack. 

Bottle brush- I packed our own bottle brush when we did a road trip, but it got grimey and gross after being in a plastic bag while traveling. I decided to send one ahead this time. 

Monitor- My parent's have a video monitor at their house, but I may not have needed it if staying in a hotel. 

Pack and play- My parent's have a crib in their house, but if we had needed a pack and play I probably would have rented one there versus checking one. Definitely a must have for road trips though. 

Here are a list of things I decided not to bring:

Anything related to bath time- I did give the baby a bath when we were in Atlanta (because ew plane germs), but I didn't bring anything for bath time specifically. I just got into the bath with him, washed him using plain soap and dried him in an adult towel. Packing his bath, soaps and towels would have taken up too much space.

Tons of toys or books- I brought only one rattle with me to entertain him on the plane. I left books and his other toys at home. He is only three months old and only mildly plays with toys so I wanted to save some space. 

I should also mention that we gate checked our stroller and car seat. 

 Snoozing away on the plane!

Snoozing away on the plane!

That's it! Even with all of the packing and extra stuff to carry, it was so fun to take our infant on his first flight! Stay tuned for more info on how he did on the plane. 


What to Do in Sedona on a Babymoon

When I started planning our Babymoon, I knew I wanted to go somewhere beautiful but close to home. With Zika still an issue, I didn't want to hit up Mexico or the Caribbean, which only left us with a few choices. I ended up picking Sedona because it would be slightly warmer when we went in October. It was a great pick for the perfect Babymoon. Below is what we did:

Hiking and Walking: We started our first day by driving the Red Rock Scenic Byway. This is a drive that goes from North to South and includes many beautiful pull offs for hiking and walking. 


Along the way we stopped at Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Parking fills up early at all of these locations, so I recommend trying to go first thing in the morning. We stopped at Bell Rock and did a little bit of hiking, but my pregnant body wasn't up for too much. I started off in a light pullover and my favorite maternity leggings, but it quickly got very warm. Pack your sunscreen and a LOT of water in your backpack. The views were just incredible!

Shopping: The hotel is walking distance to many of the shops in Sedona. In addition to your regular touristy shops, you will also find great craft shops and crystal shops! I also recommend hitting up and walking around the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village.

Eating: We only ended up with two nights to eat dinner out and we loved both of the restaurants. We ate at SaltRock Kitchen, which had gorgeous views of the red rocks and really, really fantastic food. We also at Cress, which is the upscale dining restaurant at the L'auberge. I was a little nervous to eat at Cress because of their set menu. I was pregnant and gluten free and had a ton of eating restrictions. They were incredibly helpful and the waitress had no problem offering me tons of options and subtitutions. They also have great mocktails! 

Star Gazing: I have never been star gazing before, but I had read that the sky in Sedona was incredible this time of year so we gave it a try. We used Sedona Star Gazing and did their two hour tour. During the tour you get a chance to look through a gigantic microscope and to learn about the constellations you can see from Sedona. The night sky was absolutely gorgeous, but it gets very, very cold out there. They provide a parka and blanket for you, but layer up for this cool experience. 

Where to Stay and Spa: We decided to stay at the L'Auberge de Sedona. There are so many beautiful resorts in Sedona, but I liked the location and reviews of this one best. The L'Auberge has an amazing river running through it that makes it a beautiful and scenic resort. 

I book the hotel using American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts with my Platinum Card. When booking through Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts you get free breakfast daily, a room upgrade (if available) and a $125 food and beverage credit. The free breakfast is a great deal because they serve a gorgeous, gorgeous breakfast out on the river each morning. 


There are heaters out there and it is the perfect romantic stop. We were also easily able to use our food and beverage credit by grabbing drinks and dinner the night we arrived at the hotel. You could also use it for a quick lunch or room service (of course :)). 

I loved the hotel for many reasons, but especially because the rooms are like little bungalows with fire places and patios. In my opinion, you could never leave your room and still feel like you are in paradise. 

I also got a prenatal massage at the hotel and it was fantastic! You will need to be in at least your second trimester, but they do an incredible job. This was my first prenatal massage and really helped me relax and unwind. 

Maternity Photos: I really wanted to take maternity photos while we were on our babymoon to preserve the memories from our final trip as a party of two. I found a fantastic photographer on Instagram and Jayde met us at Cathedral Rock to take our photos. Before the photos I had my hair and makeup done by Sedona Beauty Team. Jayde took a good mix of couple shots and solo shots. 

JP Photography (18 of 66).jpg
JP Photography (5 of 66).jpg
JP Photography (41 of 66).jpg

We did the photos around 5pm so we still had time to hit up dinner afterward. I am so happy we have these precious photos to remind us of my pregnancy and our babymoon. 

The dress I wore for my photos is sold out, but here are a few similar ones:

We had the absolute best time in Sedona on our babymoon! I would highly recommend it, especially for a Fall babymoon. The weather was lovely and it is such a great town to explore. 

What To Do With 24 Hours in Singapore

We just got back from an incredible trip to Southeast Asia and I was shocked to find out how much I loved Singapore!

For those of you who don't know, Singapore gained independence from the UK in the 60's and has been growing as a wealthy nation ever since. There are a lot of interesting rules, but the country is clean, safe and absolutely gorgeous. If you find yourself with only a short time in Singapore, this is what I recommend you do. 

Experience Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands: Our very first stop of the day was to see the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is an absolute monstrosity and is a beautiful addition to the Singapore skyline. You can go up to the top of the hotel to have a drink at the bar to see an incredible view of Singapore.

A short walk from Marina Bay Sands is Gardens by the Bay. These are two incredible bio-domes that include extremely unique flowers and a 6-story-tall waterfall. 


We explored both domes and I absolutely loved walking down the six stories to see the entire waterfall and bio-dome. It was a really neat experience. There is also a huge mall in Marina Bay Sands if you want to do a little shopping while in Singapore. 

Visit a Hawker Centre: I already wrote about the amazing food tour we took in Singapore, but you have to visit a Hawker Centre while in Singapore. 

The food inside of the Hawker Centres is very cheap and so delicious! There is even a Michelin star restaurant inside the one we visited. Try the local food and drink without fear, because Singapore is a very clean city and the food is entirely safe to consume. 

Explore the National Orchid Museum: The National Orchid Museum is located inside of the Singapore Botanical Gardens and it is incredible! Our first day we walked through the botanical gardens and enjoyed all of the beautiful views. The gardens are free, but they are huge so bring your walking shoes! 

You must buy tickets for the Orchid museum, but they are SO worth it. I have never seen so many beautiful orchids in one place. They have a green house area and many orchids are just growing everywhere. If you love flowers, this is a must see!

Sip a Singapore Sling: Everyone told me we had to visit the Raffles Hotel to try the original Singapore Sling. Just warning you, these drinks are pricey and very sugary! My husband and I split one and frankly that was enough for me. 

It was still really cool to visit this historic hotel and sip a cocktail in the Long Bar. 

Walk Down Orchard Road: Orchard Road is the home of high-class shopping in Singapore. There are hundreds of beautiful stores and the road was decorated beautifully when we visited around Christmas time. I am not a huge shopper, but you really do have to walk around here to experience it. 

You can tell from my post that 24 hours in Singapore is definitely NOT enough, but we really, really enjoyed our time there. The food is fantastic, the flowers and greenery are unreal and you can experience both the beauty and culture of Singapore in a short time. 

What are your favorite activities in Singapore?

How To Find The Best Hawker Centre Food in Singapore

When we visited Singapore last month I knew I wanted to visited a Hawker Centre to try the local Chinese food. A Hawker Centre in Singapore is similar to a food court, but some have up to 200+ stalls making it super challenging to pick out the best dishes. I was also a little concerned about cleanliness, because there were so many stalls and I wasn't positive which ones had good ratings.

Since we had a limited amount of time to explore the Hawker Centres, I decided to look a food tour with Urban Adventures.  The tour was $61 a person, but included with the tour is an english speaking guide and A LOT of food. The individual dishes are only about $2-3 a piece in the Hawker Centre, but you definitely get more than your fair share of food with your ticket. We met our guide Rene at the metro station (super easy to get to) and there was only one other person besides my husband and I on the tour. 

I figured since there were only three of us on the tour that we may not try every food, but I was totally wrong! We began our tour in the Chinatown Complex that has 220 food stalls. 


The first thing our guide bought for us was a delicious drink of pressed sugar cane juice. I was really thirsty already and it was so delicious (and of course sweet). 


While enjoying our drink, Rene brought over our first batch of food!

This batch of food included the famous Singaporian chicken rice, which was SO good. According to our guide they cook the chicken by dipping it into boiling water over and over again until it is perfectly cooked. Not sure if that is true or not, but it was sooo good! 

We also tried poh piah, which was one of my favorite dishes aka a spring roll. We also tried a really interesting water rice cake called a chwee kueh. It was one of my other favorite dishes.

Just when you think maybe you have already tried enough amazing food...out came oysters and omlettes. 

And then noodles...

The food was insane, but it didn't end there. We took a little break there to learn more about Singapore's history and culture. From there we headed to our second Hawker Centre and did what any normal food-lover would do...we ate more! 

This stop included roti pata, more noodles and even more delicious Singaporian dishes. At this point, I was literally stuffed to the brim, but we made room to try one last unique dish...Durian!

If you aren't familiar with Durian it is a very, very smelly fruit that is popular in South East Asia. You can't travel with it because it smells so bad, but we HAD to taste it. I didn't love the taste or texture, but was really happy to have tried it.

Overall, this is one of the best food tours I have ever been on. Our guide was super knowledgable, helped us find and try the best foods and kept us healthy by making sure we ate from good food stalls. Overall, I highly recommend checking out the Hawker Centres in Singapore using Urban Adventures. 







Getting a Workout In While You Travel: 3 Tips for Working Out On The Go

Traveling can definitely do a number on your healthy lifestyle. When I'm home, I eat all three meals at home and workout 3-4 times a week. When I'm traveling, I eat all of my meals on the go and workout pretty much never. While I'm not going to give up the delicious meals I so enjoy when I am on the road, I have been trying to add in 1-2 workouts a week while I am traveling. It has definitely been challenging, but I've found a few tips that make working out on the go a little easier. 

1. Find 3 Go To YouTube Workouts- If you have wifi and a hotel room, you have the tools you need to workout! Usually I do a lot of walking while traveling, so I try to find three workout videos that are my "go tos" that focus on Arms, Abs and HIIT. HIIT workouts typically include a lot of fast movements that get your heart rate up (which walking typically does not) and arms and abs are often not worked out while traveling. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite HIIT workouts on YouTube. 

For abs I love these ten pilates moves for getting your core strong while traveling.

Arms can always be challenging if you don't have weights, but this is a great arm workout if you don't have any equipment. 

2. Hit up the hotel gym- If the hotel has a nice gym, I try to hit it up at least one time during my stay. My favorite workout to do in a hotel gym is a quick treadmill interval workout. This is one of the best interval workouts I have found and I usually just save the image to my phone to have on the treadmill with me. I also do a quick arm workout with free weights in the gym. 

3. Take a class or two at a local gym- I love taking classes when I am home, which is why it is so hard to workout for me while on vacation. On my last trip to Miami I decided to try a class that was walking distance to my hotel and it was SO much fun. The vibe was similar to my studios, but I got some great local tips from the teacher in addition to a great workout. Many studios offer the first class free, so make sure to check for deals when looking at local studios. 

Do you love working out while you travel? What are some of your best tips for working out on the go? 




When The Highs and The Lows Come In The Same Day

One of the most interesting thing I've learned about being a business owner is that the highs are high and the lows are....well...low. You bring on a new client, but then a current client isn't happy with their performance. You have a breakthrough with your team, but then a big mistake is made. You feel like you are finally in a place where everything is running smoothly, but then you realize there is a kink in the system. 

To add insult to injury, some of the highest highs and lowest lows come in the exact same day! One of the most challenging parts of being a small business owner is dealing with the success of the highs in combination with the challenges of the lows. Some of the best advice I received from a mentor when I was starting my business is: 

Your company is never as good or as bad as you think it is. 

This advice has helped me stay humble when I thought we were doing amazing and has helped calmed me down when I felt like it was all going to hell. While I still sometimes wish we could celebrate the highs before the lows arrive, I think having both happen at once is just the road many small business owners have to take. 

Do you have any advice for handling the highs and lows...especially when they happen in the same day?