What To Do With 24 Hours in Singapore

We just got back from an incredible trip to Southeast Asia and I was shocked to find out how much I loved Singapore!

For those of you who don't know, Singapore gained independence from the UK in the 60's and has been growing as a wealthy nation ever since. There are a lot of interesting rules, but the country is clean, safe and absolutely gorgeous. If you find yourself with only a short time in Singapore, this is what I recommend you do. 

Experience Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands: Our very first stop of the day was to see the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is an absolute monstrosity and is a beautiful addition to the Singapore skyline. You can go up to the top of the hotel to have a drink at the bar to see an incredible view of Singapore.

A short walk from Marina Bay Sands is Gardens by the Bay. These are two incredible bio-domes that include extremely unique flowers and a 6-story-tall waterfall. 


We explored both domes and I absolutely loved walking down the six stories to see the entire waterfall and bio-dome. It was a really neat experience. There is also a huge mall in Marina Bay Sands if you want to do a little shopping while in Singapore. 

Visit a Hawker Centre: I already wrote about the amazing food tour we took in Singapore, but you have to visit a Hawker Centre while in Singapore. 

The food inside of the Hawker Centres is very cheap and so delicious! There is even a Michelin star restaurant inside the one we visited. Try the local food and drink without fear, because Singapore is a very clean city and the food is entirely safe to consume. 

Explore the National Orchid Museum: The National Orchid Museum is located inside of the Singapore Botanical Gardens and it is incredible! Our first day we walked through the botanical gardens and enjoyed all of the beautiful views. The gardens are free, but they are huge so bring your walking shoes! 

You must buy tickets for the Orchid museum, but they are SO worth it. I have never seen so many beautiful orchids in one place. They have a green house area and many orchids are just growing everywhere. If you love flowers, this is a must see!

Sip a Singapore Sling: Everyone told me we had to visit the Raffles Hotel to try the original Singapore Sling. Just warning you, these drinks are pricey and very sugary! My husband and I split one and frankly that was enough for me. 

It was still really cool to visit this historic hotel and sip a cocktail in the Long Bar. 

Walk Down Orchard Road: Orchard Road is the home of high-class shopping in Singapore. There are hundreds of beautiful stores and the road was decorated beautifully when we visited around Christmas time. I am not a huge shopper, but you really do have to walk around here to experience it. 

You can tell from my post that 24 hours in Singapore is definitely NOT enough, but we really, really enjoyed our time there. The food is fantastic, the flowers and greenery are unreal and you can experience both the beauty and culture of Singapore in a short time. 

What are your favorite activities in Singapore?

How To Find The Best Hawker Centre Food in Singapore

When we visited Singapore last month I knew I wanted to visited a Hawker Centre to try the local Chinese food. A Hawker Centre in Singapore is similar to a food court, but some have up to 200+ stalls making it super challenging to pick out the best dishes. I was also a little concerned about cleanliness, because there were so many stalls and I wasn't positive which ones had good ratings.

Since we had a limited amount of time to explore the Hawker Centres, I decided to look a food tour with Urban Adventures.  The tour was $61 a person, but included with the tour is an english speaking guide and A LOT of food. The individual dishes are only about $2-3 a piece in the Hawker Centre, but you definitely get more than your fair share of food with your ticket. We met our guide Rene at the metro station (super easy to get to) and there was only one other person besides my husband and I on the tour. 

I figured since there were only three of us on the tour that we may not try every food, but I was totally wrong! We began our tour in the Chinatown Complex that has 220 food stalls. 


The first thing our guide bought for us was a delicious drink of pressed sugar cane juice. I was really thirsty already and it was so delicious (and of course sweet). 


While enjoying our drink, Rene brought over our first batch of food!

This batch of food included the famous Singaporian chicken rice, which was SO good. According to our guide they cook the chicken by dipping it into boiling water over and over again until it is perfectly cooked. Not sure if that is true or not, but it was sooo good! 

We also tried poh piah, which was one of my favorite dishes aka a spring roll. We also tried a really interesting water rice cake called a chwee kueh. It was one of my other favorite dishes.

Just when you think maybe you have already tried enough amazing food...out came oysters and omlettes. 

And then noodles...

The food was insane, but it didn't end there. We took a little break there to learn more about Singapore's history and culture. From there we headed to our second Hawker Centre and did what any normal food-lover would do...we ate more! 

This stop included roti pata, more noodles and even more delicious Singaporian dishes. At this point, I was literally stuffed to the brim, but we made room to try one last unique dish...Durian!

If you aren't familiar with Durian it is a very, very smelly fruit that is popular in South East Asia. You can't travel with it because it smells so bad, but we HAD to taste it. I didn't love the taste or texture, but was really happy to have tried it.

Overall, this is one of the best food tours I have ever been on. Our guide was super knowledgable, helped us find and try the best foods and kept us healthy by making sure we ate from good food stalls. Overall, I highly recommend checking out the Hawker Centres in Singapore using Urban Adventures. 







Getting a Workout In While You Travel: 3 Tips for Working Out On The Go

Traveling can definitely do a number on your healthy lifestyle. When I'm home, I eat all three meals at home and workout 3-4 times a week. When I'm traveling, I eat all of my meals on the go and workout pretty much never. While I'm not going to give up the delicious meals I so enjoy when I am on the road, I have been trying to add in 1-2 workouts a week while I am traveling. It has definitely been challenging, but I've found a few tips that make working out on the go a little easier. 

1. Find 3 Go To YouTube Workouts- If you have wifi and a hotel room, you have the tools you need to workout! Usually I do a lot of walking while traveling, so I try to find three workout videos that are my "go tos" that focus on Arms, Abs and HIIT. HIIT workouts typically include a lot of fast movements that get your heart rate up (which walking typically does not) and arms and abs are often not worked out while traveling. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite HIIT workouts on YouTube. 

For abs I love these ten pilates moves for getting your core strong while traveling.

Arms can always be challenging if you don't have weights, but this is a great arm workout if you don't have any equipment. 

2. Hit up the hotel gym- If the hotel has a nice gym, I try to hit it up at least one time during my stay. My favorite workout to do in a hotel gym is a quick treadmill interval workout. This is one of the best interval workouts I have found and I usually just save the image to my phone to have on the treadmill with me. I also do a quick arm workout with free weights in the gym. 

3. Take a class or two at a local gym- I love taking classes when I am home, which is why it is so hard to workout for me while on vacation. On my last trip to Miami I decided to try a class that was walking distance to my hotel and it was SO much fun. The vibe was similar to my studios, but I got some great local tips from the teacher in addition to a great workout. Many studios offer the first class free, so make sure to check for deals when looking at local studios. 

Do you love working out while you travel? What are some of your best tips for working out on the go? 




When The Highs and The Lows Come In The Same Day

One of the most interesting thing I've learned about being a business owner is that the highs are high and the lows are....well...low. You bring on a new client, but then a current client isn't happy with their performance. You have a breakthrough with your team, but then a big mistake is made. You feel like you are finally in a place where everything is running smoothly, but then you realize there is a kink in the system. 

To add insult to injury, some of the highest highs and lowest lows come in the exact same day! One of the most challenging parts of being a small business owner is dealing with the success of the highs in combination with the challenges of the lows. Some of the best advice I received from a mentor when I was starting my business is: 

Your company is never as good or as bad as you think it is. 

This advice has helped me stay humble when I thought we were doing amazing and has helped calmed me down when I felt like it was all going to hell. While I still sometimes wish we could celebrate the highs before the lows arrive, I think having both happen at once is just the road many small business owners have to take. 

Do you have any advice for handling the highs and lows...especially when they happen in the same day? 


Travel Tips for The Always Busy

When I first started Give Me The Globe, I was tired of being stuck at home! I had just started my own business and was very busy working toward growing it into a successful venture. Even though I was afraid to start my own business (without any funding...or experience), I wanted to live life on my OWN terms

But it wasn't that easy for me. I dealt with a lot of criticism as I started my own business and entered into a period of my life where I was stuck at home working for over a year. For someone who loves to travel that is an eternity! I tried to make work travel fun and save up points and miles for an upcoming trip, but it took me almost three years to realize that when it came to my business and my love to travel that I really could have it all. 

Even though some days I felt like a fraud trying to make it all work, I also realized that I wouldn't regret my decision to try and travel more while also owning a business. So off I went! I put on my out of office and took my first big trip since starting my business to South Africa! Since then, I've been to Peru, Galapagos, Zambia, Costa Rica and Mexico. I've focused on taking as many weekend trips as I could possibly handle: Miami, Santa Fe, Montana, Breckenridge, Napa and more! I've also helped friends plan incredible bachelorette parties in Austin, Nashville and Atlantic City

It hasn't always been easy. I've had to work on vacation more times than I can count and I've had last minute travel plans throw a wrench into my perfectly organized week at work. But I've never regretted a single trip. 

I'm passionate now more than ever about helping other entrepreneurs, small business owners, workaholics and regular ol' 9-5ers find more time to travel. Even if you don't have a lot of vacation time or have a small budget, I'm here to help take you from "always busy" to "out of town." 

Interested in turning yourself from a busy business person to a busy business person who loves to travel? Sign up for my email newsletter below and receive my Top Ten Travel Tips for the Always Busy guide absolutely free: 

When To Start Your Own Business

The number one question people ask me when they hear that I own my own business is this:

When is the best time to start your own business? 

People tell me they have ideas for their own business...that they dream of being out on their own and making an impact in the world. But they want to know when the perfect time to start might be. 

I always give the same answer. There is NO perfect time to start your own business. You will never get to a point where you are not afraid to fail. You will never get to a point where you have learned enough to get started. There is no point at which your decision will be feel less risky or less daunting. And delaying for any longer is just an excuse to NOT get started. Delaying makes you feel better about the waiting because you convince yourself that you are waiting for a reason, but you aren't. 

This video below with Seth Godin goes so much more into detail about why "waiting for the right moment" is just an excuse: 

You don't need permission to get started, but in case you feel like you do....today would be a great day to get started!

3 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party With Friends Around The Country

Last month I attended a bachelorette party with attendees from Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, DC, Illinois and North Carolina! Planning a bachelorette party is already challenging, but planning a party with people from so many different areas of the country can be very, very challenging. 

The reality of planning a party with these many people is that you can NEVER make everyone happy. Someone will have to travel from much further away then makes sense, someone will have a party in their own city and someone will end up in a destination they don't love. That being said, there are a few things you can do to make planning a Bachelorette party with friends from around the country a little bit easier. 

1. Send out a destination survey - Picking a destination is very challenging for a party with so many travelers. You'll obviously want to chat with the bride first to see if she has a destination in mind. If she doesn't, I recommend sending out a destination survey. The survey should include your top three destinations and ask everyone included to vote. It can also include feedback on dates as well. 

You can download a copy of the destination survey I sent out to my friends for a recent bachelorette party here: 

2. Help out those who have to travel the furthest and pay the most- In every bachelorette group there will be one or two friends who have to travel the furthest or buy the most expensive flights. I always try to help those girls out by taking a little off of their plate. In the past I've helped them plan carpools so they don't have to pay more for transportation, I've given them less responsibility or arranged a great roommate for them during the party. 

3. Assign tasks so everyone feels their input has been heard- The hardest part of a bachelorette party is the number of personalities you have to deal with in order to get everything set up. I like to assign tasks to every single person coming (not just the maid of honor!) so that everyone feels their voice has been heard. 

Here are the jobs I assigned out at my last bachelorette party:

- Dinner plans for Friday and Saturday

- Brunch plans for Saturday

- Bar selection for Friday night

- Party favor research 

- Game research

- Assigning roommates 

- Decorating the rooms

Even though the maid of honor typically plans all of this stuff at a party, I found that assigning it out had everyone more invested and excited about the party. 

These are just three of my best tips for planning a bachelorette party with friends from around the country. What are your best kept secrets?



The 5 Best Things to Do in Austin During the Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit Austin, Texas! While we don't have leaves that change colors or temperatures that drop, Fall is full of fun events, slightly cooler temps and an incredible city to explore. 

My Fall bucket list is shaping up and here are a few things on it: 

1. Attend a UT Game- I am a huge football fan and attending a University of Texas football game is one of my favorite fall activities. For newbies, head over to Scholz's before the game to check out the tailgating scene and enjoy a beer with fellow fans. Once you head down toward the stadium, make sure you are wearing burnt orange and ready to cheer on the Longhorns. 

2. Scour for new artists at ACL Fest- ACL Festival is a huge music festival with incredible musical talent, artists, food and more. The festival is two weekends long giving you plenty of time to check out the great bands that will be performing. If this is your first time at ACL, make sure you visit the Mighty Cone food truck for a chicken and avocado cone (trust me). You can also bring in an empty water bottle (or two factory sealed water bottles). There are tons of rehydration stations to fill up with water, which you will need because ACL can certainly be VERY hot. 

3. Eat out on a patio- During the summer it is a little warm to eat out on the patio in Austin (unless it's fully covered with AC, which is basically being inside). When Fall hits it is the BEST time to eat and drink outside. 

I'm planning on hitting up Conitgo, Irene's and Odd Duck this Fall to enjoy some GREAT food outside. If you are looking for a more casual patio area, I recommend visiting Banger's on Rainey Street. 

4. Pick pumpkins at Sweet Berry Farms- If you have kids this is the one Fall activity that is a MUST do. Sweet Berry Farms is a short drive from Austin, but has a lot of Fall fun. Between pumpkin picking, the corn maze, art projects and more, this will get you into the Fall mood very quickly. 

Just keep in mind that they get busy very quickly, so go early on in Fall and and try to arrive earlier in the morning to beat the rush. 

5. Take a day trip - With slightly cooler temps rolling in, this is the perfect time to take a day trip from Austin and explore the beautiful hill country. My favorite day trip is visiting Enchanted Rock! Arrive early to enjoy this beautiful state park and hike up Enchanted Rock for gorgeous views. On the way home, stop by Cooper's BBQ in Llano to refuel :) 

Austin in the Fall is just amazing and I can't wait to enjoy it all. What are you favorite things to do in Austin during the Fall?

36 Hours in Miami: Fun, Food and Beach Itinerary

I just returned from a weekend trip in Miami with my husband (and 20 of his coworkers :)). I've been to Miami on weekend trips at least a dozen times before, but this was one of my absolute favorite times we have visited. 

I was a little bit worried about Zika virus, but with plenty of bug spray I have to admit that I really didn't see any mosquitos anywhere! 36 hours is NOT enough time to explore all that Miami has to offer, but if you had a short trip on the calendar like I did, here is what you should do!

See Miami by Boat: One of my favorite things we did while we were in Miami was to rent a yacht for the group. Depending on the size of your group, a yacht rental can actually be pretty reasonable. If it isn't reasonable for your or if you have a small group, renting a smaller boat is also a blast. 

Our captain took us around and showed us all sorts of celebrities houses. Not that I really care about celebrities, but it was really neat to see the architecture and landscape of Miami. There are many gorgeous old houses and some new, very large houses as well. After the tour, we took a drive and anchored for swimming and jet skiing. Our group had a blast riding around on the jet ski and just enjoying the water. 

On the way back, we enjoyed the breeze and just being out on the water. In my opinion this is the BEST way to see the city! 

Eat Like A Local: Miami is home to so many great restaurants, but we ate at an absolutely amazing one while we were in Miami: Yardbird. It is a southern restaurant, but with a fun Miami twist. It's not on Ocean Drive so a nice hop away from all of the tourists and travelers. I'm embarrassed to write out everything we ate, but I highly recommend the Fried Green Tomato BLT (pork belly, pimento cheese and fried green tomato), the classic biscuits, fried chicken and shrimp and grits. 

While I really love the local food of Miami (especially Cuban food!) I thought it was fun to try something a little bit different on this trip. I highly recommend hopping over to Yardbird. PS: They have a huge bourbon bar too! 

Hit The Beach: I'm always surprised when I get to Miami and remember how beautiful their beaches are! We stayed at the Betsy Hotel, which is conveniently located right on South Beach. The water was so blue (almost Caribbean looking) and we had a blast just enjoying the ocean. There is plenty of space to walk the beach, play games, swim, etc. 

My only recommendation is to bring your own water and snacks because there are very few vendors on the beach. Also pack a ton of sunscreen (and in my case bug spray ;)). 

Explore By Foot or Bike: There is SO much to explore by foot or by bike in Miami. We spent most of our time walking around and enjoying Miami on foot. I love walking the path right by the beach and just enjoying all of the views, but also being able to keep up the pace by not walking directly on sand. 

You can rent bikes almost anywhere in South Beach and that would be a great way to see the city. I was dying to visit the Wynwood Arts District, but unfortunately that was the neighborhood with the Zika warning, BUT I've heard it is amazing so you should definitely walk around there on your next visit. 

I was so bummed to only have 36 hours in Miami, but as you can see we really made the most of it! 

How To Pack For A Four Day Trip In A Carry On Bag...And Actually Pack Everything You Want To Take!

Packing in a carry on bag for a trip of 5-days or less is really important to me. I absolutely hate checking a bag because:

1. It takes a lot of time- I usually end up waiting in line for 20+ minutes each way to check, plus waiting for my bag to come at my destination. 

2. I'm paranoid of the airlines losing my bags- I want to have all of my belongings when I get to my destination and when I get home. I hate to not have everything I need with me. 

Even though I hate checking a bag, I'm also not willing to sacrifice having what I want to wear and what I need to have a great vacation. I recently returned home from a 4-day trip to Miami and documented exactly how I fit everything in my carry on bag, while still packing everything I wanted for the trip. 

The most important thing you'll need is a great carry on bag! I use the Victorinox Werks Traveler Carry on Bag. It is 20 inch, but you can actually also order a 22inch bag, which is bigger and still have it fit in the overhead bin. I love this bag because I can carry it by myself and lift it into the overhead bin without a problem. This bag goes on sale a few times a year, so keep on the lookout for when it drops in price. 

For a trip like this I needed a handful of items. Here is what I packed: 

Shoes: Tennis shoes, going out wedges and Toms. I was wearing sandals on the plane. If you need to save more room, you can always wear your tennis shoes on the plane. I didn't want to though, so I packed them :)

Toiletries: One toiletry bag, one brush, one makeup bag and my hair straightener. For my toiletry bag, I use the ebags pack flat bag. It fits a bunch of stuff in it, but also packs flat. It has a small hanger where you can hang the bag on in your hotel room. I have 8+ bottles in my toiletry bag on this trip. 

Bags: One going out at night purse, one foldable beach bag and my beach hat 

Here are all of my extra items I wanted to pack! A beach hat, beach bag, etc. 

Here are all of my extra items I wanted to pack! A beach hat, beach bag, etc. 

Going Out Clothes: One romper, two maxi dresses, one going out top (I wore jeans on the flight). Maxi dresses actually take up a lot of room and if I needed more room, I would have switched them out for shorter dresses. BUT, I really wanted to wear the maxis so I made room. 

Day Time Clothes: One day time dress, one pair of jean shorts, two day time tank tops, one pair of PJ bottoms and PJ tank and one pair of relaxing shorts and tank. Also underwear! 

Bathing Suits: Two bathing suits- One key thing here that saved me space was making sure I could wear my day time outfits over my bathing suits OR on their own. I ended up wearing one day time dress over my bathing suit and wearing the tanks on their own. 

Work Out Clothes: I wanted to work out on vacation so I also packed one pair of workout pants, tank and sports bra. I stuffed my workout socks inside of my tennis shoes. 

The key to fitting all of the clothing items in that I use packing cubes! I have one full-sized cube and one half-sized cube. I roll my items up and put them into the packing cubes. 

Using the cubes and rolling your clothes saves a ton of room and makes it very easy for everything to fit and saves you a ton of room.

Voila- here is my bag fully packed and ready to go to MIami. 

I managed to pack everything I wanted for a 4-day trip, including tennis shoes, workout clothes, bathing suits, beach bag/hat AND 3 going out outfits in just one carry on. With the combination of rolling clothes, using packing cubes and having the right gear, you can easily bring everything you want with you on your next trip!