Bach Party Destination Survey


Hi Ladies...

I know we are all so excited about our upcoming bachelorette celebration for NAME! We are in the beginning stages of planning this party and wanted to get your input! Please fill out the survey below to let us know your party preferences.

1. Which of the following dates are you available (mark all that apply): 

- Jan 15

- Jan 30

- Feb 7

- April 3

2. Which of these destinations sound the most appealing to you?

- Nashville

- Austin

- Miami 

3. Of those three destinations, which would be the easiest for you to get to?

- Nashville

- Austin

- Miami 

4. We will work to keep this bachelorette as budget conscience as possible, but please let me know below if there are any special considerations we should know about. 

5. Do you want to help in the planning of dinners, events, favors, etc?

- Yes, that sounds like a blast! 

- No, I would love to help, but I'm totally swamped. 

6. Do you have any dietary restrictions?  

- Gluten free

- Veggie

- Dairy free

- Nut allergy 

7. What are your favorite types of food?

- Tapas

- American

- Italian

- Sushi

- Other

Thanks for filling out this survey and stay tuned for bachelorette party updates!